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  1. how to run a common event automaticly whenever a variable changes

    Hi, I want to meke a few common events run automaticly when some variables change. For example, when the variable[1] changes, the common event[1] will be triggered, and when the variable[2] changes, the common event[2] will be triggered. There are many places where these variables will...
  2. how to limit skill when variable changed

    ah that's what I mean, and THANKS! I tried to use common event in the troop page, and added a branch condition to check if the variable is too low to cast skill, but I found the event only work at the end of turn. :yswt:
  3. how to limit skill when variable changed

    I want to set a variable as resource for player's skill. I used the YEP to make the variable decrease when player cast the skill. (e.g. The variable named "DP", and a skill FIREBALL cost 10 DP) But the question is when the DP is less than 10, I can still cast the FIREBALL, and the DP...
  4. How to roll random value at the end of a turn

    The problem solved. YEP SkillCostItems caused a conflict, and I turn it off.
  5. How to roll random value at the end of a turn

    Hello, I want to set a variable [n] as a random value, ranging between [x] and [y]. I tried to set the V[n] in a troop event (end of turn): "Math.floor( Math.random() * ($gameVariables.value(y) - $gameVariables.value(x) + 1 )) + $gameVariables.value(x)" Then I put the V[n] into a damage...
  6. How to make actors and enemies share one ATB gauge

    I want to make actors and enemies share one ATB gauge, as the picture shows. I used the YEP for MV, but the MV version only allows the characters and enemy have their own gauge rather than make them share one gauge on the top of screen. So are there any solutions to this problem?
  7. RMMV One Atb Gauge for actors and enemies...

    hello, do you figure out the solution? I'm also confused with the problem

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