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  1. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I keep swapping the user and target in the notetags since it's a skill that targets the user, so I figured I'd check if switching them would fix it. Here is the skill. If I can't get the stat scaling to work, I'll probably just give the player a stronger version every few levels instead.
  2. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Thanks for the help! I tried setting atk to 100 to see if aggro is set to 100, but there was still no change. I swapped in <Target Aggro: +user.atk> instead and that didn't work either. I turned all other plugins off and got the same results. Also, is it possible to do something like "value =...
  3. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I'm using the Aggro Control System and am trying to make a skill that raises the user's aggro by their attack stat: <JS User Aggro> value = user.atk </JS User Aggro> However, the aggro doesn't change. I've also changed it to be JS Target Aggro and set the target to User, but that doesn't work...
  4. Persona System

    I just downloaded the demo, but once the conversation where Yosuke joins is done, I got the same error Drogazy reported. Also, when I successfully chose Izanagi in the shuffle time in the demo, I got the error, "Script 'Persona System' line 5030: NoMethodError occurred". Amazing script though!
  5. Elemental Advantage

    Earthbound implements its elements in a rather interesting way. Each element has its own targeting property: Fire hits a row of enemies but its a bit expensive and has lower base damage, ice hits one enemy for a large amount of damage and has moderate cost, and thunder hits random enemies and is...
  6. XP to VX Project Converter

  7. XP to VX Project Converter

    Is there a program to convert rpg maker xp projects to vx?(or at least the data)
  8. How long does raising or lowering resistance last?

    For example, lets say I use a "Ice wall" spell that raises ice resistance, or "ice break", which would lower ice resistance. How long would it last?
  9. How can I make a skill hit a random enemy?

    It shows the animation and hits a random enemy (Yay!) but it just shows the animation and doesn't do any damage (Wow using rpg maker 2003 makes me so much more thankful for the conveniences rpg maker vx ace has)
  10. How can I make a skill hit a random enemy?

    How do you "call a special effect"
  11. How can I make a skill hit a random enemy?

  12. Actor Inventory

    I figured out my question.
  13. Beginner Friendly Growth Rate Script

    I want a "growth rate" scripts, so its like [insert character here] has a 60% chance of gain hp on a level up, 40% chance of gaining mp. etc. There may be something like this out there, but if I remember correctly it was really hard for me to use, and on that note I want it to be at least fairly...

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