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  1. TheUnproPro

    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Firstly, congratulations on so many sales! I've been using RPG maker since highschool and... to be honest, I use it -way- too much haha. Anyway I'm very happy to see RPG Maker moving up. Best of luck to all the competitors!
  2. TheUnproPro

    How do I play an animation using Javascript?

    [EDIT] This is finally solved. I'll be posting a tutorial as soon as I can get some non-jank code up n' running! Hello, I've been trying to figure this out for a couple days now but I keep getting confused and thrown in a loop. Since the API documentation isn't complete, I have no way of...
  3. TheUnproPro

    Minimap Plugin

    Thanks :D
  4. TheUnproPro

    Minimap Plugin

    Hi there! This is my first (Technically second since I re-wrote the older code), plugin for RPG Maker MV. I've been working a lot on it and have improved it since its original release, thus I give you this Minimap Plugin. I will say this for people who make plugins, you might not wanna read my...
  5. TheUnproPro

    Quest Script

    Hi there. This is a pretty old script, but here it is nonetheless. I'm not the best programmer, so there may be compatibility issues with other scripts, but if you wanna give it a try here it is :) - Heres an old vid of it: Code: How to use: (Event - Script)
  6. TheUnproPro

    Team Majoku is back - Recruiting Now!

    Hi there! I'm the owner of Team Majoku, a small team of game developers. We're looking for people to join us! We need just about everything, so feel free to apply with what ever you're best at. We're all friendly and not at all strict when it comes to deadlines. We've tried to do this before and...
  7. TheUnproPro

    Simple Farm Tutorial

    This is a tutorial for beginners, it shows how to create a farm. Enjoy!
  8. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    thanks, and basically it removes the background and replaces it with a solid image with the same color gray from the NES pallete -- makes it feel more 8 bit instead of having a faded background with colors that wouldn't be able to be seen on an NES lol :D
  9. TheUnproPro

    Can someone explain this video to me?

    Sorry if I confused you during that video lol, seems like users helped you though so thats good! :)
  10. TheUnproPro

    Sprite problems

    Have you tried the Famitsu generator?
  11. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    Thanks I'm glad you like it :D Got the idea after watching a dragon quest 2 gameplay thing lol (I think it was 2 :D )
  12. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    Lol thanks dalph! :D And haha, enjoy =)
  13. TheUnproPro

    Marketing my own graphic pack?

    Thanks =)
  14. TheUnproPro

    Marketing my own graphic pack?

    Yes, if it's not too much work. I'm not 100% Sure about even making the graphic/audio pack yet, but it's something I'm interested in. Was basically wondering what the requirements are to do this. Also, sorry about posting it in the wrong place -- figured I'd end up doing that lol.
  15. TheUnproPro

    Marketing my own graphic pack?

    This is probably in the wrong spot lol, but I see packs being sold every day and I'm interested in created a resource pack (one with a lot of hard work lol) and selling it as well. It will include sounds as well, not just graphics.
  16. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    Glad you guys are enjoying =D
  17. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    Thanks guys =D And yes its for ace lol
  18. TheUnproPro

    8 bit kit!

    Ever wanted to create a retro game? This 8 bit kit can get you started! :D It's free for commercial use as well. Please credit TheUnproPro if used =D

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