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  1. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    Yeah, the main issue for the big cast is the plotting part... For the swap mechanics, both are fine in combat or is better to have char swap outside the battle and swap weapon only in battle?
  2. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    Mostly you will be playing one or more groups of people from the various "verse", I'm not sure if you will be playing from a perspective of a single character, maybe this will change... is still embrional. But yeah one of my main concerns is about the plot for all the 30 characters :rswt here...
  3. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    Even if I already have other mechanics occurring during the battle? The ones described above your post. Won't those be too much to consider while fighting?
  4. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    So you think that will be easier to balance 30 char than 15 char with added mechanics? Yes, the aim is to have few skills for char(4 at most + 3 different limits) but have a "hidden" combo system where after a certain sequence of attacks, 2 or more characters will do a bonus combo attack...
  5. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    One of the main focus of the game is the battle system and the wide number of characters is for plot purpose... because there isn't only one main character, but each one is "main". The story itself is still embryonal... let's say that it will be an isekai where the "transported" is not a single...
  6. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    Basically one char per element... never played DQXI, you have also char swap? But with char swap and weapon swap won't be a bit too much? Considering that there will be other stuff to follow during the battle isn't better to have only one kind of swap mechanic? Swapping the weapons will also...
  7. RogdagoR

    RMMZ Quality or Quantity? Actors/Skills dilemma

    Hello, I'm in the process of putting on paper the Battle System and one thing I don't like is characters that can do everything or have skills lists with more entry than a bestiary... To avoid this I'm planning to have 4 skills at most per character(plus limits and passives) during the battle...
  8. RogdagoR

    Your diet and lifestyle

    In the past I used to ate pretty much like you Dalph, with a sedentary work/lifestyle...but lukily my metabolist was good so i didn't get fat. But since I hit 30s, I felt the need to change my diet and lifestyle before was too late. Nowadays I mostly have a modified low carb diet, eating...
  9. RogdagoR

    How do you guys handle elements?

    I have 9 elements like you, plus the No-Element type that is intended for non animated stuff, mostly becaus it has a different reaction with each elements. Here is my actual scheme BIO is mostly "life" stuff, focussed on supportive spell and status, that, like no-elem, interact differently...
  10. RogdagoR

    How many skills...

    I'm actually planning to have 4 skills for each "stance" of every actor, plus 3 limits, and all actors have 2-3 stances(or you can call them class for better understanding). Also each skill has a sort of internal level(the more you use it the more it grow) that give you some point to spend for...
  11. RogdagoR

    richter_h's Gallery

    Great job man, i really like your style!
  12. RogdagoR

    Your biggest Anime Waifu

    REM from RE:zero best waifu
  13. RogdagoR

    Where would you live?

    I totally agree with @Ms Littlefish, even if sometime i prefer to be elsewhere, but i guess every places has its pros and cons. Actually i'm fine here in Italy, i like the food, the fact that everything is near(i just need less than 1 hour to go to the seaside and 1 hour to go to the mountain)...
  14. RogdagoR

    Story of the End - Revere

    Really nice project! Pretty much story driven but its good! I'm just curious on how you set the diagonal movement so smooth, is it Quasi plugin? Usually others seem to move faster when in diagonal.
  15. RogdagoR

    Skills with equipment slots?

    I'm planning a system similar to the one described by wavelength(dunno why i can't tag you with @), but essentially i have a specific tree for each skill with 3 tiers and 2-3 modifiers for tier, but you can use only 1 modifier for tier. You can freely reset the point you spend and build up...
  16. RogdagoR

    Post Your "Office"

    This is my room of perdition :D The pc looks powerfull but is almost 6 years old, i need to update it next year... The mouse is a Logitech G502, the keyboard is a Logitech G710 Plus and the headset is a Logitech G430. The chair is a random one found on amazon. The Piano keyboard is...
  17. RogdagoR

    Instant Turn Battle

    @DreamX sorry i missed that one :D so not yet, I think it should work but i don't know what to write in there to compare all skill cost to current MP, need to put on a mock-up for testing...actually i have everything on paper and a few testing setups
  18. RogdagoR

    Instant Turn Battle

    @Doktor_Q no, actually every single action use MP or AP(like attack, change role, use items), you can choose to skip turn to get more MP or AP the next turn for stronger skills or combos. I just can keep the player hit the "skill" for skip turn, but a sort of "automatic" skip i feel will help...
  19. RogdagoR

    Instant Turn Battle

    In my case i think i have to do a check on every skill to verify if it is doable with the current MP pool, is it possible? I'm not so proeficent with eval ;_;
  20. RogdagoR

    Instant Turn Battle

    I don't know if this will be usefull for others, but in my case an automatic skip actor turn when certain conditions are met(like no more action point to use, or mana or whatever).

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