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  1. Martine1979

    What does your setup look like?

    Little correction: It's Ranma ½ animé dvd boxes. have most of them and its one of my favorite Animés of all time. Thank you, i love my headset a lot. ^_^;
  2. Martine1979

    Favorite YouTube Channels

    Mine are: AsmongoldTV, Blameitonjorge, Driftwood Gaming, Svampriket, Kevzter, keebabb, Totalbiscuit, miracleofsound, Babymetal and Level up Design to mention a few. I have tons of channels that i love and watch on and sometimes i even watch them when i am working on my RPG maker projects. : )
  3. Martine1979

    What does your setup look like?

    This is my gaming PC setup at the moment. ^_^;
  4. Martine1979

    How did you obtain your username? What was your very first on the internet?

    I loved to use Martine as a username since one of my characters that is inside my story that i wrote years ago so first name is done however, on most sites and games i also uses a last name called Lightfellow after i loved main character from Suikoden 3 used that name, so since then my name has...
  5. Martine1979

    Hello there. :3

    Story is in 3 episodes and include every moment a RPG have, evil forces, good guys, romance, surprises and so on. I can say that story is about two families battles each other. I am also working with other stories too in RPG Maker. I don't wanna say any spoilers yet. ; )
  6. Martine1979

    What computer/console do you use for gaming? Why?

    I own these: NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, 3DS, 2DS, Wii, Wii U, NGC, N64, Nintendo Switch PS1, PS2 (US and PAL ones), PS3, PS4 and PS5 Sega Master System, Dreamcast Xbox Original, Xbox 360, Xbox One Some Game & Watch games. And lastly a good gaming PC that my brother has built. (however I need a new...
  7. Martine1979

    Hello there. :3

    Thank you to everyone for feeling me so welcome here. ^_^
  8. Martine1979

    Earthbound and Autism

    I were born with autism, but they (doctors) didn't find it out until I was in my last year in university. Lucky me when I have been thinking on it because I would never change my wonderful classmates that I had and played a lot of games and we played with Transformers, He-Man and toys almost...
  9. Martine1979

    Your favorite RPG class?

    You are like my brother then. He likes to play Warrior / Paladin classes. And I steal stuff as a Thief. We have lot of funny RP together and RL plays too. We dressed up often when we were younger. ^_^
  10. Martine1979

    All time favorite character from any retro RPG?

    Katt from Breath of Fire 2 and Cleo from Suikoden 1 and 2 and spirit kid from Secret of Mana. :)
  11. Martine1979

    Your favorite RPG class?

    Rogue, Assassin or Ranger(Hunter) is my favorite classes. I play those in most games i play.
  12. Martine1979

    Games that inspired you

    My project that I am working on i get ideas and inspirations from these: Elder Scrolls, Suikoden, Warcraft and Star Wars. (I gonna name my stories(games) as Episode 1 and so on. :D
  13. Martine1979

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I play Cyberpunk 2077 sometimes on PC as well. I often pretend that this is real Shadowrun sequel but i would love to have a 3rd person view when i am exploring around. I prefer seeing my character i play as in games.
  14. Martine1979

    Phantasy Star Fans!?

    I love that dungeon setting too in Phantasy Star 1. :3 I become very surprised after i download that game and played it for first time ever. it was very magical feeling too. Have never played Phantasy Star 2-4 on Mega Drive (Genesis). But i have got into retro consoles more now when i am...
  15. Martine1979

    Hello there. :3

    Thank you. ^^; Well i work hard in my RPG maker with it. I must however to buy all add ons because I notice i miss some character options i wanna do. hehe.
  16. Martine1979

    What are the absolute best stealth games?

    My favorite when it comes to stealth games it must be Thief games. My brother loves Splinter Cell games.
  17. Martine1979

    Any FFXIV players?

    Yes I have been playing FFXIV since it was released. I am on Cerberus Chaos. Character name, same as i almost do on most sites and games and also in this forum. : ) Martine Lightfellow is my username. :3
  18. Martine1979

    Favorite "Breath of Fire" & Why?

    My favorite Breath of Fire game must become number 2 because of Katt. She become my first character from any game that were (in later) years as a furry. I simply love cat girls in general because i play as one in both FFXI and FFXIV. =^_^= Oh, i forgot to mention: With all Capcoms all...
  19. Martine1979

    Phantasy Star Fans!?

    My first MMORPG game were Phantasy Star Online on Sega Dreamcast. ^^ Had tons of fun at least couple of months. heh. I had to quit because of phone bills become too much. Back then we didn't have broadbandth. I have first Phantasy Star game on Nintendo Switch, wanted that other were released...
  20. Martine1979

    Hello there. :3

    I almost forgot to do my introduction on this site when i joined some time back. My dream is to make my fantasy story to become real ever since i wrote it many years ago. I still remember when i started to write on it, it only existed 3 Star Wars movies. My hobbies is also playing games...

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