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  1. Katsudoom

    Composer needed....

    Nice I'll tell him now so I'll be logging out and go to his house. I'll contact you later if he wants to talk to you.
  2. Katsudoom

    Composer needed....

    Oh hi there @Saltwater Croc, I forgot about you LOL..... BTW do you need the payment before composing? Because Erie(lead developer) told me that he'll be paying after the game released and put it on kickstarter. He don't have that money yet.
  3. Katsudoom

    Composer needed....

    We need a composer for our game. I'm not the lead developer here tho, but the leader said that we need to recruit a composer and post a topic or something in the forums. "The leader doesn't have an account here in forums, that's why I'm doing this because he told me *sigh*" So here are...
  4. Katsudoom

    S&M Versus MV World (Prologue) [Updated 23 August 2016]

    Then I'll wait for that, and good luck with your characters.. :D  
  5. Katsudoom

    Ignarus Demo~GREENLIT~

    Very awesome!!! I can't say anymore..... And love what you did there "Speed/movement trail" the battle system reminds me of Brave trials game in android.
  6. Katsudoom

    Aetheria: Shadows of the Past

    Good job at your second attempt, now add some "pizzas" to make the game attractive. Edit some of the huds you're using to make it unique. Over all *Thumbs up*
  7. Katsudoom

    RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    No problem, just a friendly developer passing by and a tester at the same time.
  8. Katsudoom

    RMMV Mars Underground [release date 15 March 2019]

    Thumbs up for the retro graphics.. :D Very lovely.
  9. Katsudoom

    S&M Versus MV World (Prologue) [Updated 23 August 2016]

    A little question.. Are you going to change Suzuki's battle sprite? (He looks like a midget compared to Megumi)
  10. Katsudoom


    Tip. You need to make your maps more attractable for the players to catch their eyes, make it more unique.
  11. Katsudoom

    RMMV Remnants of Ardrus (CANCELLED)

    I didn't expect the game would be 3d-ish. *thumbs up* Question: Why does the wolf doesn't have shadows? (I mean the person or mc/player and the things and houses has a shadow, and the wolf's the only one doesn't have) Still the game is awesome.
  12. Katsudoom

    Shave The World

    It has it's own uniqueness that took my eyes... What's the battle system/ how does it work?
  13. Katsudoom

    RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    Sure, no problem. :D  I will...
  14. Katsudoom

    RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    Aren't the veggies and apples in the market are huge?
  15. Katsudoom


    Code geass and Pandora hearts...
  16. Katsudoom

    Korean Age is horrible!

    You can say that. Same here..... Hmmmmm, I think I'll skim the net for now.
  17. Katsudoom

    What is your SECOND favorite RPG Maker for game design?

    RPG Maker Mv, 'cause I can port games in android and more convenient.
  18. Katsudoom

    How well can you sing?

    I was once a member of choir before and quit after a year because I focused my time developing games...... I think I can't sing that good anymore.... Needs a rehab T_T.
  19. Katsudoom

    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Use copyright resources in your project and sell it....
  20. Katsudoom

    Hi all!

    Wohohoho.... Really!? Microsoft paint!? That's a pain in the @ss.... Still congrats! To think you make sprites with MS paint *shiver*, I have memories of those days.... *thumbs up*

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