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  1. aztodio

    RMMZ Alternative of SceneManager.push?

    Could you please tell me about the alternative to SceneManager.push? From my understanding, pushing a new scene using this method pauses all operations of the current scene and blurs it as the background. For instance, if a video is playing in the background of the Title Screen and the Options...
  2. aztodio

    RMMZ About index in Window classes

    Thank you, I've learned a lot :D
  3. aztodio

    RMMZ About index in Window classes

    Thank you, it all makes sense. May I ask another question? I'd like to know where's the originality of index, as for now I feel like it come from nowhere, when a scene create a window, it doesn't pass any index parameter. And the index of drawItem function is another thing, or it overwrites the...
  4. aztodio

    RMMZ About index in Window classes

    In Window_MenuStatus, it uses actor(index) to get data of the game party member at that index. = function(index) { return $gameParty.members()[index]; }; Window_MenuStatus.prototype.processOk = function() {...
  5. aztodio

    RMMZ How do I refresh other windows in the same Scene

    Thank you for your answer, this part is really confusing T_T, but finally I did it.
  6. aztodio

    RMMZ How do I refresh other windows in the same Scene

    I have 2 windows: Window_EquipmentWeapon and Window_WeaponSlot in the same scene: Scene_Equipment. How do i make something like this, when Window_EquipmentWeapon.prototype.processOk function run, I want to refresh the Window_WeaponSlot too? Scene_Equipment.prototype.create = function() {...
  7. aztodio

    RMMZ How to manipulate sprite after creating them

    Thank you so much, it works like a charm. I'll keep in mind about the scope.
  8. aztodio

    RMMZ How to manipulate sprite after creating them

    testBitmap = function() { let _images = []; _images[0] = ImageManager.loadPicture('Lanka'); _images[1] = ImageManager.loadPicture('Eve'); _images[2] = ImageManager.loadPicture('Mona'); for (let imgIndex of _images) { var imgimg =...
  9. aztodio

    Play animation for purchasing?

    I think Visustella has plugin for Shop common event.
  10. aztodio

    RMMZ Lagoda Odyssey [Demo Available]

    Nice,.the pixel art reminds me of Chrono Trigger.
  11. aztodio

    Best way to transfer dialogue text to game?

    I prefer script over dialogue editor any day, script like Renpy is much better for heavy dialogue project.
  12. aztodio

    Tutorial-Blog Controlling RNG in Treasure Chests

    Thank you, this is very useful.
  13. aztodio

    Stream RPG Maker Games Critique with Studio Blue, Kamigami: Clash of the Gods

    Holy sh.. this game looks so great, the effects and animation are so smooth.
  14. aztodio

    Best Places To Offer Freelancer Services

    Social media, especially for artworks. Once you have a bit of online presence, customers'd come and ask you every day and night.
  15. aztodio

    Random Art Thread

    My mockup design, trying to replace rpgm's default UI...
  16. aztodio

    God why

    Now make a parody game with them.
  17. aztodio

    What do you think is the best pixel art program ?

    Personally I use Aseprite and PTS, Aseprite to draw, and PTS for image manipulation.
  18. aztodio

    $250,000 budget - What's possible?

    I thought crypto game is network heavy, why didn't use Unity instead of RPGM?
  19. aztodio

    Dynamic Encounter Effect [MV & MZ] - 4.0 MZ

    This is great, do you have any plan to implement this effect when changing map?
  20. aztodio

    How do you create animations?

    I found Aseprite is pretty good for pixel art animation.

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