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  1. Shadowban

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    is there a patch for galvs actor equip items? i tried using it in shoukangs demo and I get this error
  2. Shadowban

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    alright ill try a few and see what works. thanks. Was wondering if i can get help with making my battle prediction window look like this? I tried adding the elemental code into srpgcore that was posted awhile back,Wondering if i might be using a different srpgcore version? but i cant get it...
  3. Shadowban

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    was just curious if any one knew a plugin or a way to implement fog of war? And is there a good animated actors for enemies plugin, using Mv if that matters. Also last question is it possible to slow down the post battle sequence? it goes by a bit too fast, and is kinda jaring.
  4. Shadowban

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Not sure if a bug or not but i'm using ctb and I created a skill that stuns the user for 1 turn but gives the whole party regen and protect for 3 turns, But the user seems to get healed 3-4 times during her stunned turn, while everyone else recovers normally. I take the stun out of the skill and...
  5. Shadowban

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    So i picked up Mv recently, and been working on the main hub town but I am having problems with filling out certain areas of the main town. 

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