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  1. Cybergirl

    Top 10 video games list

    I don't know, it's hard to say. I like a lot of games. Well, as for my favorites... 1. God of War: Ragnarok 2. Black Mesa 3. Stalker: Call of Pripyat Max Payne 2 5. CS GO Yeah, for some reason I've grown especially fond of CS GO lately, even though it didn't impress me much before. Probably...
  2. Cybergirl

    What Games Inspired You to RPGMake?

    Oddly enough, the League of Legends. It inspires me a lot of things. When I'm in a bad mood, it's LoL. When I'm in a good mood, LoL. Always LoL. Although lately I've got more toys in my arsenal from here: I'm not usually into this stuff, but now I...
  3. Cybergirl

    Top 10 video games list

    1.Magna Carta 2 (sadly only on 360) 2. Skyrim 3. Final Fantasy 4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 5. Paper Mario I couldn't remember any more. In fact, games occupy a huge and really important part of my life. It's a shame I had to play less for the sake of work, but earning more and playing...
  4. Cybergirl

    The sand planet and the giant green pyramid are fighting over arby's at night

    When it comes to the "sand planet," I just picture Earth in a few years. That's exactly what it will be like if we don't stop wasting resources. When it comes to the "dog pyramid," I just picture Earth in a few years. That's exactly what it will be like if we don't stop wasting resources. I...
  5. Cybergirl

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    I really want to get involved, but I don't know how. Although, to be honest, yes, I would like to meet someone. However, it's hard for me to do, since I work from home. So I have to have as much fun as I can. For example, a couple of days ago I bought myself some toys for joynights and have fun...
  6. Cybergirl

    Creating a "Dating sim" system and displaying the affection level in the menu

    Instead of going on real dates, we're playing a dating simulator... Well, that's fun. But I'd rather use a dating app to meet real people than a simulation. Well, or I'll just create my own dating app. Plus, I recently did an article yesterday about how to monetize this...
  7. Cybergirl

    Many of dynamic black lines on Android phone.

    Oh, I came across this once. But I couldn't do anything about it, so I just had to stop. You may have some application on your phone that is blocking your phone from working properly. This often happens when someone is spying on you. Try reading this article...
  8. Cybergirl

    Be aware of translations if you are a non-English native

    I think this post was written especially for me. I have a relatively large YouTube channel (32k subscribers by the way) and a couple of people offered to translate my videos into English, but I declined, thinking I didn't need it. Apparently I was wrong. I'll try to offer them again, maybe...
  9. Cybergirl

    Streamers or YouTube Content Creators Who Give a Chance to Indie Games

    If you found them, I'd really appreciate it if you could share them with me because I'm faced with finding streamers/bloggers right now too. Actually as far as I understand, you can just create your own channel and gain subscribers there with something like this...
  10. Cybergirl

    New Releases: KR Jackpot - Casino Tiles, NPC Female Citizens Vol.1, SeraphCircle Pixel Monster 1

    Okay, purely visually I like it. Let's see also in practice. I just couldn't stand casinos before, though. But now I'm generally okay with it, I even do it all myself. For example, not so long ago I was engaged in the site bitcoin casino Canada and its design. I was called to make them a...
  11. Cybergirl

    Rpg Maker Forum Mobile App

    Oh, I would download this. I followed the link, but it doesn't work. Is it still up to date? I hang out here quite often. I'm an advocate of absolutely any site having a mobile version, because I spend most of my free time on my phone, and I work at my computer. By the way, my favorite stakes...
  12. Cybergirl

    RMMV Detect through if player is from a PC or a mobile device?

    It would also help me if he could identify the model of the phone. Don't ask why, I just want to do a little social experiment in the game. Generally, I already had experience with identifying the model of the phone, but I did it with spy monitoring and, as you understand, it did not lead to...
  13. Cybergirl

    What Do We Want To See On The Store Page?

    I usually buy something that has something quite unusual in the description/design of the page. And, minimalism is also very important to me, because there is so much information nowadays that you just want to give your brain an offload. In general I try to follow my own rules and in my online...
  14. Cybergirl

    What encryption software/methods did you use for your commercial game?

    I'm facing this literally right now too, I was afraid someone might steal my games. But while I was thinking about it I realized that it doesn't really matter at all, because if I can make a good quality game once, I'll do it again, so I'll still end up being in demand and getting hired by any...
  15. Cybergirl

    Help in Looping image animation.

    Well, I've faced with the same problem... Trying to fix it with all this recommendations. Thanks to this forum for its existing. I'm pretty dumb in general, so I have to explain everything all the time. I'm just thankful to God that people invented animated explainer videos without them I would...
  16. Cybergirl

    Deconstructing the "strong female character" trope

    The funny thing is that the greatest strength of a female character can manifest itself precisely in its weakness. So in this area it is difficult to say for sure who is weak and who is strong. For example, I have a good friend who has been a wonderful wife all her life, she is sweet and shy and...
  17. Cybergirl

    MZ Bank System (Items/Gold)

    Actually I wanted to make the system where bank statements wiill look as real ones and the game payment is similar to real payment. I even try to deal with now so I've ordered several templates to see the samples, so you can go now to see it, it's really interesting guys.
  18. Cybergirl

    If there is one, and only one work (game, movie, book, etc) you can recommend to others, which it would be?

    I think it would be a CS go. It makes you think like a book. It's beautiful like a painting. It makes you feel for the character like a good movie. Of course I'm very likely romanticizing it too much because it's the first game I ever started playing. My dad taught me. And before that I watched...
  19. Cybergirl

    What computer/console do you use for gaming? Why?

    Razer Blade gaming laptop. At least that's what I've been playing on for the last two years. The last thing I played on it was Black Mesa (yes, so late). And among consoles... I used to play Nintendo Switch Lite, now I'm hooked on Pandora Arcade, caught the retro vibe. It's fun. It's like being...
  20. Cybergirl

    Post Your Music

    Jesus...My music is so unpopular that you hardly want to listen to it. It's funny how the older I get, the more my musical preferences get deformed. As a kid I liked what was playing everywhere and was very popular, as a teenager I switched to more aloof music, and now... I won't even say. I'll...

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The Open Hand scandal got even more spicy. The Completionist streamer Jirard made a video response and tossed a bunch of links and documents, but apparently none of it actually addressed why donations he collected sat for 10 years (way too long to justify). He also seemed to threaten defamation suits vs. people for what amounts to pointing out publicly available records. The IRS should definitely audit.
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