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  1. My large map doesn't scroll all the way when you walk

    Oh thank you a bunch!! I am new to rpgmaker MV but I used VX Ace a bunch few years ago. The map was made with the 48-pixel tiles and everything in mind but turns out I forgot the ! on the name. I do not have plans on deploying it to mobile yet so that hopefully won't be an issue however I will...
  2. My large map doesn't scroll all the way when you walk

    Greetings! I am super fresh to rpgmakerMV and I got this issue recently, basically, I am making a game about an island and I will be using some timer stuff so the entire island (minus the insides of buildings, etc) has to be on one big map, but for some reason, I cannot walk all the way across...

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so I had two plugin that essentially overwrite each other depending on where they are in the list. so I had to edit what was overwriting one into the other and now they both work. I REALLY need to sit down and just learn JavaScript. I hate that I know just enough to know I don't know NEARLY enough lol.
The Open Hand scandal got even more spicy. The Completionist streamer Jirard made a video response and tossed a bunch of links and documents, but apparently none of it actually addressed why donations he collected sat for 10 years (way too long to justify). He also seemed to threaten defamation suits vs. people for what amounts to pointing out publicly available records. The IRS should definitely audit.
My next update is going to amazing! There's been major additions and things I've wanted to do in previous versions that weren't possible until now. It's not ready yet, but will be soon!
made an RTP edit to try to save on work, found out I was editing the wrong tilesheet of cliffs.
It's fine... I'm fine... I'm sure fixing this won't take too long
Proud of the work done.

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