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  1. Dark Souls System

    Ver. 1.8 - Add Infuse Weapon and Shield with Element - Add Upgrade Equipment - Add New Stat Called Attunement.  - Attunement is used to get memory slot which used to learn skill - Each Skill Has Memory Slot Required to be learned - Each Skill Linked To KeyItem you can get from games
  2. SCAREStaff November 2014 Mini Pack

    Great Staff  Thanks  :D
  3. Dark Souls System

    Ver. 1.7 - Add Floor Effect That Damage Durability
  4. Warrior of Light Main Menu (Small Update 25/11/2014)

    This is amazing Thank you for the script
  5. Damage Calculator Spreadsheet

    Nice  :thumbsup-right:   This is really great work Shinma Thanks for sharing
  6. Hollow's Dump O' Art 2.0

    Nice drawing especially the third one Thanks 
  7. Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar

    Nice Idea I like it But in the script you said I need 7 images from where can I found it?
  8. Dark Souls System

    Update Ver. 1.6:  - Add icons for all stats and Exp Points - Add Durability for weapon and armor - Add Blacksmith scene for repair armor
  9. Eight Directional Movement

    Good it work now Thanks for the nice script
  10. Eight Directional Movement

    nice script But I found a bug when moving your charcter in any of the 4-new direction the character graph change to another character that not even exist in my members
  11. Pets and Summons

    Really nice and interesting script  Thanks for the script
  12. Dark Souls System

    sorry for double post  :( I have uplode some screenshots but it is better to check the demo ;)
  13. Dark Souls System

    Sorry For Double post  :(  
  14. Dark Souls System

    Update 1.5 - Modify status window - Add Faith Stat - you can return original stat by add this code in the event script: - you can level up from specific places by write this command in event script:
  15. Theolized Sideview Battle System

    Just wow  I really like you battle system  and thanks for the script
  16. Dark Souls System

    Update 1.4 Skill use depends on weapon has been added
  17. Lune Message System

    This is really great  Thanks for the script
  18. Dark Souls System

    Update 1.3 Modification on weapon & armor Equip
  19. Dark Souls System

    Hahaha To Make you more exciting to make blacksmith system then take this: Weapon and Armor Depends on stats has been added
  20. Dark Souls System

    Thanks for support  and I will continue to develop it to make it as helpful as possible 

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so I had two plugin that essentially overwrite each other depending on where they are in the list. so I had to edit what was overwriting one into the other and now they both work. I REALLY need to sit down and just learn JavaScript. I hate that I know just enough to know I don't know NEARLY enough lol.
The Open Hand scandal got even more spicy. The Completionist streamer Jirard made a video response and tossed a bunch of links and documents, but apparently none of it actually addressed why donations he collected sat for 10 years (way too long to justify). He also seemed to threaten defamation suits vs. people for what amounts to pointing out publicly available records. The IRS should definitely audit.
My next update is going to amazing! There's been major additions and things I've wanted to do in previous versions that weren't possible until now. It's not ready yet, but will be soon!
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It's fine... I'm fine... I'm sure fixing this won't take too long
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