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  1. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    I'm glad you like them, I'm a bit busy at school right now and postponed my project for now. :kaoeh: I'll add some more when I find the time. :kaodes:
  2. Rin2595

    Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    @PheonixTX I made some guns but with a slightly bigger scale, some of them aren't tested so there might be some misalignment. If you want to check them out, here's the link. :kaohi:
  3. Rin2595

    ressource sharing

    I really needed those animated neons.:kaopride: Thanks for sharing!
  4. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    I changed the threads layout because someone convinced me that it was stupid. hahaha :kaocry: And I will be adding immediately every gun I finish. (Like the ones I just finished - AUG, M4, Tech-9, KRISS Vector, Reminton VM) So I won't always notify if I added new guns, cause I'm kinda...
  5. Rin2595

    Mess with the best, Die like the rest.

    Mess with the best, Die like the rest.
  6. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Haha Thank you! and Finally a suggestion! I'll try to add some in my next batch cause my game could use some shotguns too. :D
  7. Rin2595

    Sura's MV Sci fi stuff

    Really cool style! :kaoluv:
  8. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Really? Nice! Well if you had requested it, I would have made it sooner. :kaolivid: Hahaha.
  9. Rin2595

    Title Images (starting images)

    Don't mind if I do! :kaoluv: 7 looks really good but 5 is looks better as a tittle screen IMO.
  10. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    I remade my SKS to make it less ugly and added it to the new batch. The new batch for those who haven't figured it out yet is the next rank "Captain" :kaojoy: These are mostly classic FPS guns that I actually tried avoiding because the other thread already had them. but decided to make my...
  11. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Added a new batch of guns under "Lieutenant" :kaohi: Some of these guns are made from scratch so kindly tell me if you think some are misaligned. I really hate Machine Guns, too bulky to find the right size. that M249 took me almost an hour to sprite. :kaosigh: It's a good thing Machine Guns...
  12. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Thanks you! I'm glad you appreciate my work. :kaocry: I'll try to upload another batch this week, but I'm kind of focusing on my game right now, so we'll just see how things goes.
  13. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Added 2nd batch of guns and some reworks under "Seargent". :kaopride: Added Changelog.
  14. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Exactly. Take my m82 for example, it is already at the limit of the dimensions. so unless you want it to look like a chubby gun you really can't resize it much. (Using the default dimension, that is) Well everyone has their own taste. BTW i also remove muzzle flashes in my game so rapidfire...
  15. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    Sure :3 Sorry if you find them small. It's the size I'm going for for my game so I really can't resize them.
  16. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    I'm working on a PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) inspired game and wanted to share the guns I made following BaconSmite's "style" in spriting. (Link to his thread here) I tried spriting the guns I needed myself (Even though I've never drawn in a PC before) I suggest using Yanfly's...
  17. Rin2595

    Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    I tried making some common guns in FPS games based on OP's guns but not sure if they turned out well. Still If someone wants it anyway I'll be happy to share to keep this thread alive. :3 If someone with actual spriting skill can edit them, I would appreciate it, so I can use them myself.. hehe...
  18. Rin2595

    Display Barrier Points from Yanfly Absorption Barrier in Different Ways

    This is kind of late but if it is still in question, then to put a guage u can use SRDUDES plugin.
  19. Rin2595

    yanfly's Absorption Barrier as a main Mechanic

    Is the Absorbtion Barier Guage still in question? Becuase i think SRDUDE has a plugin that can help.
  20. Rin2595

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    When my char uses "shoot normal" animation it plays below large DB enemies even though I set it to animate at "head". If I edit animation and move it above it will affect the smaller enemies and plays way above their heads... how do you make the game identify the DB enemy's head position. I...

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