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  1. Soryuju

    Idea: Rare rewards based on how much the player over-damages enemies.

    This is a little more complicated, but what if instead of just rewarding players for a single shot of overkill damage, you applied the idea to a combo attack system? The specifics would depend on the implementation of your combo system, but the idea would be to keep an enemy immortal and stunned...
  2. Soryuju

    Philosophy in Video Games (RPGs)

    I can't really think of any RPGs which have influenced my philosophical outlook on life, and honestly, the genre as a whole is pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to handling subtle, abstract ideas. While a handful of RPGs do make genuine attempts to tackle philosophical issues, most end up just...
  3. Soryuju

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I also got into things pretty late - I'm 28 years old, and I've been learning about game development for just over two years now. I originally downloaded MV while I was working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, hoping it would help to fill the long hours spent living in a rural village. My...
  4. Soryuju

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    My point is that when you have a company aiming to sell the definitive engine for producing a specific genre of game, addressing those challenges should be part of what the programmers are being paid to do. If I want to purchase the company's product, but I learn that popular, common...
  5. Soryuju

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I have to admit, I don't really follow this argument. Flat stat boosts are commonly available via plugins produced by individuals in their free time, and those plugins don't interfere with the existing stat options at all, so clearly this functionality isn't impossible to code in JS (even if...
  6. Soryuju

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Exciting news! It's also reassuring to hear that MV assets will work in the new engine and that plugin creators will be able to enjoy a "familiar environment." The apparent focus on helping devs and content creators to make a smooth transition to the new engine makes me optimistic about what we...
  7. Soryuju

    Hit Chance Poll

    I generally prefer 100% hit chance. While missing attacks is a traditional aspect of RPG combat, modern designs are evolving, and I think that designers should have a clear reason in mind for subjecting players to wasted attacks if they're setting the standard hit chance below 100%. My...
  8. Soryuju

    Suggestions on skill learning

    Another method is a combination of #2 and #3 above, seen in games like Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/A2: your weapons/armor can each teach characters a skill while they're equipped, and then you earn points in battle which let you "master" the skill, binding it permanently...
  9. Soryuju

    The quickest proofreading you'll ever do.

    Here are some revisions which you could try out! I've marked a couple parts of the text where the specific context of your game matters, and you can fill these sections in however it's appropriate. All in all, these changes mostly come down to reducing wordiness and making the individual...
  10. Soryuju

    Creating Self-Imposed Limitations for Smaller Games

    Just based on the examples you've given, it sounds more like you're mostly concerned about how to approach the narrative aspects of making a short project. My advice is that big stakes and big casts of characters aren't necessarily what will get players invested in your game. Often, it's the...
  11. Soryuju

    DreamX ITB: Designing a Common Event Which Triggers Before Command Input

    Hopefully this question isn’t too obscure, but I’m having trouble designing a certain type of common event in battle. I’m using DreamX’s Instant Turn Battle plugin in my project (link below), which is similar to Yanfly’s STB in that each battler’s actions happen immediately after command input...
  12. Soryuju

    Elemental Advantage

    At this point in development, I’ve removed the explicit elemental type/weakness system from my project - all skills are non-elemental, even if they have an elemental aesthetic (e.g. Fire Bolt). Instead, skills and monsters which have similar elemental aesthetics are designed around similar...
  13. Soryuju

    A Different Approach to Damage Formulas...

    Something you should probably consider in a formula like this is that the relative value of the character’s ATK stat will change depending on whether the player is fighting a boss or a regular enemy. Quick example (excluding DEF for now): say a character has 5 ATK, and we have a regular enemy...
  14. Soryuju

    RMMV Was this written to be compelling?

    This seems like a good start, though I do think there’s room for improvement. As far as summaries go, I think the main problem here is that you take a little too much time getting to the main point. When it comes to writing in general, less is often more (see: minimalism), so let’s take a look...
  15. Soryuju

    Random Encounters vs. Visual Encounters

    Personally, I don’t mind either system so long as encounters aren’t too intrusive as I’m trying to explore the map. In this context, “intrusive” encounters could mean things like having random encounters occur at a very high rate, visual encounters which can chase the player down at high speeds...
  16. Soryuju

    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    I think durability systems are often tricky to implement in games because they’re fundamentally a type of penalty. The mechanic itself isn’t inherently “fun,” and more extreme versions can lead to hoarding behavior if they’re designed poorly. The best implementations of durability mechanics are...
  17. Soryuju

    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    If I’m building a system from scratch, the first two things I consider are: 1) What idea(s) am I trying to express in this project? 2) What combat systems have I found engaging in other existing games? Are there aspects of these systems that I would personally change? Would those changes...
  18. Soryuju

    RMVXA Game based on Grid Battle System

    Sounds like a fun concept! I have some thoughts on how the underlying strategy of your battle system might take shape, based on what you’ve already described. The ideas below could be totally out of line with whatever your actual vision for your combat is, but maybe they’ll at least give you...
  19. Soryuju

    ADHD and Game Dev

    I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD, but as someone who’s also been working in RPG Maker for a considerable amount of time without a release, and who also often has issues with staying on track, I can empathize with your frustration. It sounds like you’ve already read through a lot of the...
  20. Soryuju

    Eternal Dreamers | Free Battle RPG | 91% Positive on Steam

    Okay, then here goes. We've got a lot to cover, and I kind of...really got carried away with the analysis, so I apologize in advance. This is a book. Get comfy. Since I've already mentioned the two most significant global issues (Stun/Freeze and infinite loops), let's start off with a class...

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