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  1. corvusaraneae

    Psst. You're still less of a lurker than I am. :p

    Psst. You're still less of a lurker than I am. :p
  2. corvusaraneae

    Belatedly popping in here to say hi

    /o/ Thanks for the welcome! Dangan Ronpa V3 is currently taking up most of my time nowadays, tbh! There's also Fate/Grand Order...
  3. corvusaraneae

    Belatedly popping in here to say hi

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad there's a huge resource I can pour through already. Definitely gonna make the most of them.
  4. corvusaraneae

    Belatedly popping in here to say hi

    So... uh... hi. You can call me Mika. I ended up making an account for the forum thanks to my partner and we're currently working on a game... which you can check out here. While I'm not as well versed as they are with RPG Maker, I am handling the spritework and part of the mapmaking so I'm...
  5. corvusaraneae

    Hello! Mabuhay!

    o/ Good to see another Pinoy around!
  6. corvusaraneae

    RMVXA Shoutai: Possession [DEMO NOW AVAILABLE!]

    Just popping in here to say hi as I'm the other half of this team! But yeah, please feel free to leave us any questions, comments or suggestions. Feedback would be great.

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I hate driving in games. Imagine your character profile being an exceptional individual, yet when they drive, it makes them look dumb.
The flaming skeleton visited me in my dreams again. He demands the game be finished soon. I don't like the flaming skeleton. He took my cranberry juice. He doesnt even have a stomach it just spilled all over the floor.
My Game Jam entry is a bunch of mini games wrapped within an epic story that will rival the deepest plots of the earliest CRPGs! As a small spoiler, here is one example of a game you will be able to play. Anyone want to try Brat, Krampus, Santa?
so I had two plugin that essentially overwrite each other depending on where they are in the list. so I had to edit what was overwriting one into the other and now they both work. I REALLY need to sit down and just learn JavaScript. I hate that I know just enough to know I don't know NEARLY enough lol.
The Open Hand scandal got even more spicy. The Completionist streamer Jirard made a video response and tossed a bunch of links and documents, but apparently none of it actually addressed why donations he collected sat for 10 years (way too long to justify). He also seemed to threaten defamation suits vs. people for what amounts to pointing out publicly available records. The IRS should definitely audit.

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