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  1. Help with Lvl up designs day night system

    You absolute mad lad, this worked. Thanks so much. I am currently sitting a javascript course but realized as I was learning I would need to base a lot of stuff around the time system So I came on thinking I could fix this real quick and was just frustrated by consistent failure. Not going...
  2. Help with Lvl up designs day night system

    See I thought that. But for some reason when I do this, I cannot move my character :( I also tried running it as a parallel process. But this just makes the hour reset to 8 instead of progressing to 9 :(
  3. Help with Lvl up designs day night system

    Hi everyone. Just wanting some help with lvl up designs day night system I seem to have it up and working but everytime I start my game It starts from 0.00 How would I make it so as that the clock starts at 8am instead ? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone :)
  4. Maru's MV Bits

    My gods this is incredible. Thank you for this.
  5. Hi everyone

    Aw no haha Sorry MushroomCake28. Will add you to my list of apologies! Thanks for the move. Shouldn't happen again
  6. Hi everyone

    I find the mods are super patient as well which is lovely! And interesting. Do you ever plan on retouching on graphic design? as in pursuing learning outside of college? I know this will probably sound like an ad but I use Linkedin learning and thats been great for picking up new skills...
  7. Hi everyone

    It totally was haha. Aw man. One day Ill get it right !!
  8. Hi everyone

  9. Hi everyone

    Haha someone of my own heart! I definitely share that dream of telling my boss to shove it hahaha And more power to you, you sound like you have a fire to you ArcaneMoonShine, I haven't ever met you and I still believe you can get that game done and really kick ass with it. 4-5 enemies and...
  10. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the reassurances and kind words Dreamfall887 And good on you for achieving that milestone of making your first game! that must have felt incredible. I'm sure that it taught you a lot for escape the haunted forest. Escape the haunted forest will probably in turn teach you about the...
  11. FREE REQUEST Playtesters and Writers Needed to Enhance the English Gaming Experience of an...Unusual Game

    Just a couple of other quick fix-ups (grammatically) This may be the weirdest fever dream you can ever have.Life is full of absurdity Change to This may be the weirdest fever dream you've ever had. Life is full of absurdity It's a modern-day, supernatural, open-world RPG, with lots of...
  12. FREE REQUEST Playtesters and Writers Needed to Enhance the English Gaming Experience of an...Unusual Game

    Dang, I am on a MAC and can't try out the demo :( That being said, I had a look over the intro text in the steam home page for this. While a little nitpicky I did come up with a few edits that I picked up on "Congratulations! You've found this secret game on Steam. Now, will you forfeit a...
  13. Hi everyone

    A big hello to everyone :D Been lurking for a bit but only now starting to try and meaningfully engage. Firstly, a bit of an apology to the moderators. Shaz and mlogan. I believe every post I've made has been in the wrong forum :(. I am very new to forums in general and so get a bit lost on...
  14. RMMZ Self contained dialogue system?

    my gosh guys, thanks so much for the help. This was for RPG Maker MZ, sorry about that Shaz, looks like I did get a little confused. Will definitely try out some of the stuff you guys suggested. But yes, I do think I'm after a self variables plugin of some kind.
  15. Medieval Freebies (Free Stuff Here!)

    Bump. Looks like the files been deleted
  16. RMMZ Self contained dialogue system?

    Hey all. So I recently had a major win with my game in terms of implementing a character creation system (yippee) and figured I would ride this high and try and get another step closer to making my dream game. That being said, I know I am nowhere near skilled enough In Javascript yet to do this...
  17. RMMZ NPC Pathing/position remains when player leaves/re enters the map

    Absolute Scholar! thanks so much
  18. RMMZ NPC Pathing/position remains when player leaves/re enters the map

    Amazing !! now I just got to get my head around plugins haha
  19. RMMZ NPC Pathing/position remains when player leaves/re enters the map

    Thanks so much, Andar, I have a very limited understanding of like, game design and Javascript though trying to learn from LinkedIn. This has no doubt saved me hours of trying to work this out. I suppose Ill try something that simulates the time away
  20. RMMZ NPC Pathing/position remains when player leaves/re enters the map

    Hey all. So I might have opened a can of worms with what I am trying to accomplish here. I'm using the custom pathing for my NPC's but I was wondering if there was a way to get them to stay where they are when I exit/re enter the map. For example, If I have them walk towards the kitchen, I...

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