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  1. project started taking way longer to load pls help

    first of all, sorry for taking so long to respond.I have had stuff going on but prior to posting this i checked other projects again and now they are doing the same thing.So it is taking a really long time to playtest my games.It is ruining the fun and experience and making it harder to work on...
  2. project started taking way longer to load pls help

    yes i have done an update recently.Yes I Have rebooted my computer.I went back and play tested two old games and did not have the problem.I even made a new game to test I did not do anything on it but it did not have the problem.
  3. project started taking way longer to load pls help

    all of a sudden my project started taking way longer to load to the home screen it does eventually but when i get into the game itself load speed is fine my character is walking right but i cannot say to map switching other then the cutscene went fine cause thats all i am up to i have been...

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I hate driving in games. Imagine your character profile being an exceptional individual, yet when they drive, it makes them look dumb.
The flaming skeleton visited me in my dreams again. He demands the game be finished soon. I don't like the flaming skeleton. He took my cranberry juice. He doesnt even have a stomach it just spilled all over the floor.
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so I had two plugin that essentially overwrite each other depending on where they are in the list. so I had to edit what was overwriting one into the other and now they both work. I REALLY need to sit down and just learn JavaScript. I hate that I know just enough to know I don't know NEARLY enough lol.
The Open Hand scandal got even more spicy. The Completionist streamer Jirard made a video response and tossed a bunch of links and documents, but apparently none of it actually addressed why donations he collected sat for 10 years (way too long to justify). He also seemed to threaten defamation suits vs. people for what amounts to pointing out publicly available records. The IRS should definitely audit.

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