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  1. Help with randomize script

    Okay I figured it out. For those coming here looking for a good way to randomize a pool of variables via a script. I am running the script on game start, hence why I am calling it in a script that uses the setupNewGame function. This should be able to easily work with any set of variables...
  2. Help with randomize script

    I'm planning to randomize more than just towns and a script is cleaner and easier to edit/fix. The wall of conditionals for the event solution is pretty poor for things like scale-ability. If I can get this working for one pool of variables I can make it work for many more.
  3. Help with randomize script

    Okay one more question, sorry. I did this by adding the script: getNumber(); when I try to run the game I get an error that says getNumber is undefined. It does not appear to be finding the function, my file is included in the plugin manager. I guess I should be more specific. I use an events...
  4. Help with randomize script

    awesome thanks!
  5. Help with randomize script

    So looking around online I pieced together a script that should be able to assign a random non-repeating value to a variable from a pool, it looks like this: var towns = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]; var townVar = [town1,town2,town3,town4,town5] var getNumber = function () { for (i=0,i < townVar.length...
  6. Hide useless stats

    Create a new plugin with this code and put it below Equip Core. Notice the numbers "1, 2" "3, 3" "5, 4" The first number (1, 3, and 5) is the spacing and placement of which row the parameters will be in. The second number (2, 3, and 4) is tied to the Parameter that you want to display. In this...
  7. Hide useless stats

    Yes I am, you wouldn't happen to know what else needs to be added?
  8. Hide useless stats

    Running this right now. Trying to only show HP, Atk, Def, and Agi.  Window_EquipStatus.prototype.refresh = function() {     this.contents.clear();     if (this._actor) {         this.drawActorName(this._actor, this.textPadding(), 0);         this.drawItem(0, this.lineHeight() * 1, 2);  ...
  9. Storing The Party's Current Item List

    Makes sense. Hopefully I'll start to figure most of this stuff out eventually I hope. My object oriented programming background is sparse and none of the classes I took were in Java Script but I am slowly learning. RPG maker has been really educational. :) Thanks! Thanks again! Just got it...
  10. Storing The Party's Current Item List

    How do I set values to game temp in a plugin, so I don't have to change the base engine js files, I think I've messed with those too much already and would like to try and keep this all to plugins. Also this is what the common event I am running looks like: I am...
  11. Storing The Party's Current Item List

    If I added MVCommons to my script list how would this look. Say on battle start I wanted to store what was currently in my inventory. Would I do something like: int curItems curItems = deepclone($gameParty._items) then on retry I would call the opposite $gameParty._items =...
  12. Retry Feature

    The way I was seeing it would be, you could retry on loss or if you didn't like the way a fight was headed and didn't want to wait to loses, the fight or escape party command window during battle could have a third option of retry. 
  13. Retry Feature

    I posted this and didn't get any replies: So I thought if I made a new post with what my overall goal is more people might be able to help. I have a basic retry feature that is working, but it's not super...
  14. removing parameters from the equip screen.

    Trying to find a way to remove parameters from the equip screen. My game I am making does not use the magic attack or magic defense stat. Does anyone know a way to remove these from the equip screen? JahwsUF's Status menu core took care of the status page but I can't seem to find a way to do...
  15. Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    I pasted all the files in the folders and cannot get the to work. I am currently trying to get the cloak to work. Where is the link to the face you are editing and why doesn't the back pack work either.  Okay I managed to get it to appear on character after digging through this topic some. Can...
  16. Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    These are awesome, BTW. I didn't see a terms of use, I assume free for non-commercial, pm for commercial, like most stuff on here. Question, could you make one with a right handed metallic arm. Something not super high tech, steam punk style?
  17. Storing The Party's Current Item List

    I have a retry function built into my game. The only piece it is missing is returning used items. My thought process is that I would need to create a temporary array to store the current item list on battle start and then on retry set the party's item list equal to whatever is in the temporary...
  18. Enemy Hp Guage

    As far as the game is concerned, it's an enemy. You just take an enemy image and rename it to match the actor icon name and the plugin pulls the sprite data. Shouldn't have any other data associated with it.
  19. Enemy Hp Guage

    So I downloaded your current version and the updates from what I was using before are awesome. However I still get issues with Rexals Animated Battlers. I have a fight where I am using a party member as an animated battler. I have them on the other side of the screen, working an everything, but...
  20. The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    First thanks for this. Second, I was hoping turning various stats on and off with this would affect what stats displayed in the equip menu. Is there anyway you can do this or does anyone know of a separate plugin.

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