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  1. Gabrelik

    Gabrelik's Let's Play!

    Hey everybody! Last year was my first IGMC, and I had such a blast with it. I had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people, but most importantly, I got to play some extremely creative and wonderful games. My favorite part, however, was that really surreal feeling of watching...
  2. Gabrelik

    RMMV Fading Remnants (IGMC2018)

    Hello! Another year has come, and with it, another IGMC!!! We were so grateful for the experience with last year's entry of Dear Edwin, and the feedback from the community was absolutely amazing. We had such a great time, met some amazing people, and played some really wonderful games. This...
  3. Gabrelik

    Gabrelik's Scribblings

    Hi! So I've been lurking around the forums for a few years now, learning a bit about digital art, a bit about game making, and a lot about what a great community we have here! It's been an amazing experience, and I'm looking forward to the next few years. That said, I've recently taken a bit of...
  4. Gabrelik

    RMMV Moiety: Rise of an Archon

    Hello, friends, strangers, and fellow devs! This is a project that has been near and dear to my heart for some time now, and I'm ecstatic to say that we have officially broken ground on what I hope to be a wonderful and exciting new adventure! Please take a moment to explore the world of Ellie...
  5. Gabrelik

    RMMV Dear Edwin (An IGMC 2017 Entry)

    In participation and celebration of the IGMC 2017, Lazy Bum Studios (working name) presents to you our first title: Dear Edwin! Follow the intrigue and exploits of our lovable hero, Edwin Vayne, as he attempts to unravel yet another mystery in a long and prestigious career. This time, however...
  6. Gabrelik

    Plugins for Vibrato Battlers

    I apologize if this is not the correct forum, but I was hoping someone might direct me to the necessary list of plugins to make Vibrato's battlers function correctly? Thank you in advance.
  7. Gabrelik

    In learning to create resources, is it better to focus, or embrace everything?

    Hi! So, lately I've been having tons of fun creating resources both on the Request thread, and in commission form. While I've been learning so much, it occurred to me that it might be better to focus on just one particular resource specialty and learn to excel in it. After all, there are so...
  8. Gabrelik


    Hi! This was a piece commissioned by SinSilver, who was kind enough to share it with the community. It is available for non-commercial use only, however. Please credit Gabrelik when using, and link back here if you repost. Edits are perfectly fine and at your discretion. :) Side note: I...
  9. Gabrelik

    When is an original knockoff too much like the source material for use?

    While the title of this thread might imply an oxymoron, let me explain: For the sake of argument, a client wishes to include elements in a project which inspire subtle to non-so-subtle homages to known characters. Original artwork, but intended to look like existing characters as a means of...
  10. Gabrelik

    Makapri's Werewolf Portrait

    Hello,  This was completed as a request and I thought I would share. These portraits were done to match Makapri's Werewolf sprites, so please add Makapri to your credits when using. Otherwise, enjoy! :)
  11. Gabrelik

    VX Ace Chimera Battler

    Hello! I recently completed a Resource Request for a sideview Chimera battler in the style of the RTP sprite, and thought I would share. The battler is all original, but since it borrows the style/theme of the RTP, I think you still need to credit Enterbrain? Not really sure, but better safe...
  12. Gabrelik

    Staring a Shop - Advice?

    Hi!  I was curious if anyone who has completed artwork for commission would have any advice on rates, etc? I'm new to this and I've been asked to complete a few commissions recently. While I don't mind, I thought it might be easier to set up a shop in the classifieds to help facilitate...
  13. Gabrelik

    World's Dawn - Barn and Trees

    This was a resource request recently completed based upon the World's Dawn game style. Thought I'd share with anyone else that might want to use the tiles. **Disclaimer: Though these are completely from scratch, the design and color scheme are intentionally styled to match those tiles. I...
  14. Gabrelik

    Gabrelik's MV Stuff (New Halloween Battler)

    Hi! Welcome to my page! Look around, and if you see something you like, have at it! :D Terms of Use: Please credit Gabrelik for any original material, and while reposts are always okay, please link back to this thread when referencing this material elsewhere. Edits are fine...
  15. Gabrelik

    MV Ship Tileset

    Hey everybody, I've been lurking around the community for a little while now, but other than a few edits here and there, I have yet to make any real contribution of my own. I've always had a passion for art, but never really tried my hand digitally until I came here. I have been so...
  16. Gabrelik

    Need advice on drawing tablet

    Hi! I'm trying to track down a good tablet to begin work on a custom tileset for MV. I would love to hear any recommendations from people who have some experience with this? I'm an established artist, but I'm a charcoal or Prismacolor guy; haven't worked digitally much. I've done some...
  17. Gabrelik

    Werewolf Bust (Portrait) and Sprite

    I'm was tinkering around with a werewolf bust for the project and came up with this. I'm still learning how to edit, but maybe it will be useful to some of you. Perhaps somebody could clean it up and make it pretty. :D   There are pieces in here from VX Ace as well as MV, so you'll need to...
  18. Gabrelik

    Event works when it wants...

    Hi! Has anyone else had the problem where their event will work sometimes, and then others it does its own thing? I'll post some screen shots if necessary, but essentially, I have an event that brings another character into the room. Sometimes he comes in exactly like he is supposed to...
  19. Gabrelik

    Vine Covered Chest - Edit

    Hello,  I wanted a chest covered in vines for my project, so I've created this edit of the Chest png. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me! :) As these are default resources, must have an MV license and all credit to Kadokawa.  
  20. Gabrelik

    MV Custom Airship Needed

    Hello! I am currently seeking the help of an artist willing to render an airship for me. I would like for this to be a custom work in the steampunk style, but entirely open to artist license. I would love to showcase your work as much as have a custom piece for my game. Please message me if...

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