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  1. Brayden P

    Making A RPGMMV Generator

    Hello! Its been a while since I've been around the RPG Maker Community but now I'm back and... with... lots.... of questions...? :kaoswt2: First of all I'd like to credit Schlangan for the idea and their amazing extended generator which you can find here...
  2. Brayden P

    Paying for Recorces

    I was wondering if there is there a way to make people pay for my recorces, games, ect. through this site? If not, Does anyone know an alternative? Thanks! ;) :P :D
  3. Brayden P

    Nude Male And Female Generator

    I am sooooo busy with homework, school, game creation and stuff that I don't have time to make these things myself. I need a to replace the normal RPGMMV nude characters with actually nude ones. Not that fur underwear and bra they use. I have some reference art here. (Female Reference art by...
  4. Brayden P

    Bug in game (Need Help)

    I am working on a game that is very important to me and I have an error that keeps coming up I try to access the in game inventory but it comes up with this message: "TypeError Cannot read property 'etypeId' of undefined" Can someone help me please>
  5. Brayden P

    Im Making a Trailer and I Need Help

    I need help with making a trailer for my new game. I need some audio files for "Lukas Graham - 7 Years" song. Dose someone know where I can find it or a website that supplies it for free? I also need tips on making a trailer please. Thanks! Link To Game: Its Not Always A Wonderful World...
  6. Brayden P

    RMMV Its Not Always A Wonderful World (RPGMMV Game/Canceled)

    Its Not Always A Wonderful World Canceled - A Game By Brayden Penney In your spare time check out "Stories To Tell Characters To Create (RPGMakerWeb Fourm)" Storyline Characters "I am amazed by your talent, Brayden." - Joan...
  7. Brayden P

    Questions About MY Accound

    I have some questions about things: 1: What are those things people have so that after every time they speak or reply to something it shows images of projects there working on which have links to them. Is that automatically done or is it manually done every time?. If automatically done how do...
  8. Brayden P

    Nude Basic Sprites Request (Male and Female)

    So, Do not expect to be pay for this. I have a small request for someone to do in there spare time. It is simple. I need completely nude sprites and no weird details, Please. Just take the basic sprites which I have shone here and take out the bra and underwear. Do not change the...
  9. Brayden P

    Modern Clothes Request

    WARNING: This is something for someone to do in there spare time and the person who dose this request should not expect pay.   This is a request for some modern clothing for a game that takes place in 2034 Please attempt to make them colourable. What I Need: T-Shirt With...
  10. Brayden P

    Im Not Able To Playtest

    So, I am making a game and I try to playtest. What happens is it stays at a black screen before (After 5 minutes) closing itself. Here is a list of plugins I'm using (this might means something.) WeaponSkill YED_EnemyPosition YEP_BattelAICore YEP_BattleEngineCore...
  11. Brayden P

    Stories To Tell And Characters To Create

    !Welcome to Stories To Tell And Characters To Create! !This is a area where you may post you stories and characters Ideas! Story Rules Rules: Must talk about the back story. Must include Mane Characters names and descriptions. (Pictures if you can.) Must be appropriate. (No...
  12. Brayden P

    MLP Sprites + Tilesets Request

    I need for a friend and me some MLP themed sprites and tilesets for RPG Maker MV. What I Need: Sprites: Mane 6 (Twilight, Rainbowdash, ect.) Other Important (Derpy, Vinyl, Gilda, ect.) Base Models (Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, Alicorn, Bat Pony, Changling, Griffin. Will also need...
  13. Brayden P


    I need some things for RPG Maker MV: Gun Icons More Icons Horror Tileset Sci-Fi Tileset Post-Apoc Tileset MLP Tileset and sprites (This is for a friend. He wants them for some "Cool, New game.") More Generator Things (Modern, Horror, Wizard/Mage, ect.)

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