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  1. fireflyege

    Olivia's OctoBattle and State Tooltip Display

    I have a small problem with these two plugins. I was cool and great until I a day after I got State Tooltip Display. Normally, my battle screen looks like this. It has the dimmed background thanks to the Octopack plugin. However, when I put State Tooltip Display above the Octopack battler...
  2. fireflyege

    Command Help Window

    I have been searching for this for a long time. The one I found overwrites the important plugin functions no matter its position so I had to ask here. Does anyone know how to display help for skill texts in the command window. Skill, Item etc. is fine if I can't show a description of them, but...
  3. fireflyege

    Party Mana Heal on MP Cost

    So I was thinking how to make a state which heals MP to the party except user when the user spends MP for a spell. Henceforth, I used Yanfly's Reverence code as a reference. This code in particular. It works beyond perfect so I and the good people willing to help with the issue made these...
  4. fireflyege

    Flash Damage Prioritize Caster Above Animations

    The problem is this. Flash Damage plugin makes skill animations to be prioritized above the caster's party. For example, if I make the screen flash within a skill animation, the caster's party isn't covered by it. No animation except the ones that target the caster's party are prioritized above...
  5. fireflyege

    Battle Cries

    I need some battle cries, and I need lots. Are there any places I can get some? I need no copyright and free resources.
  6. fireflyege

    Weapon Animation in Skills

    So you know I am having my fair share of problems with skill types. I simply want 2 slots that work like above but of course those are just examples: 1. Main Hand: Sword 2. Offhand: Staff I want my actor to swing the weapon in normal attacks and unless I state otherwise with notetags. But for...
  7. fireflyege

    Dual Weapon In Action Sequence

    So far I have a character, which will use a rapier in his main hand and a crystal in his second hand. I want some of his abilities to use his rapier and rapier only, while his magic will trigger an attack animation with the equipped crystal instead of rapier. Like I said, he will equip both...
  8. fireflyege

    MOGHunter Battle HUD Layout Enemy Remove

    Can someone please help me with removing enemy layout for MOGHunter's Battle HUD? I do not want that enemy selection box to appear, nor do I want it with allies but I have no success so far. Because of the language, I do not understand the plugin options either. I am also using all of Yanfly's...
  9. fireflyege

    Skill Follow Up

    Let's imagine a skill called "Slice" which procs a skill called "Dice" on the same enemy with %X chance. You use Slice and Dice is not visible but randomly occurs when you use Slice. It also applies to counter attacks. How can I make that happen?
  10. fireflyege

    Red Mages

    How do you do your red mages? I need inspiration because I feel my work is halted because of the lack of progression.
  11. fireflyege

    Replace Skill with Status

    I am designing a skillset where you apply a status effect to yourself, and it completely replaces some / all of your other spells. I am using @Yanfly plugins, but <Hide if Learned Skill: x> command does not work when it is learned with a status effect. Could some of you guys help me with this?
  12. fireflyege

    Skill Descriptions Exceed 2 Lines

    When you can make skills, you can only write to 2 lines. I want to write more lines for skills because some characters have complex skillsets. I would like to get some help with it, is there a plugin that lets me have an extended reach with skill descriptions?
  13. fireflyege


    I use @Yanfly plugins and I have a little question to you guys. I am making a Red Mage for my game. He has some abilities called Metamagic, which will imbue his spells with various things. There is one thing I need help with though. The spell is an instant cast spell. Your spells are level 1...
  14. fireflyege

    State Infliction Text

    I want to have a text like ''+Status Name!'' on the target when it is inflicted with status effects. Of course when it fades it will have ''-Status Name!'' to let the player know when it fades. This way players will have way better understanding in battle. Do you know a plugin which do that? I...
  15. fireflyege


    Anyone knows a plugin that allows projectiles like arrows in the battle screen? I searched and I am still searching but I wanted to ask anyway.
  16. fireflyege

    Row Formation Question

    So my concern is doing an ability which increases the damage and healing of the spells from the X tree by a set percentage. But it is only supposed to work if the character is in the front row. Any ideas about how can I do that? I researched and tried a lot of things but could not succeed nor...
  17. fireflyege

    How many party members?

    So I have been wondering how many party members are too few and how many party members are too much in a game which you can take 4 party members with?
  18. fireflyege

    Immunity to a State Category

    I am using Yanfly State Categories and I have problems with making a unit immune to a state category. For example if I want to make a boss immune to stuns I must manually make the monster be immune to hundreds of states and that is out of the question. But I must simply do something about it...
  19. fireflyege

    Monster Designs

    What a good day, isn't it? And you know what good days are for? Threads! So today let's discuss monsters. I have quite a lot of interesting ideas, but let's hear from all of you about interesting monster designs! So here I come. I hope the community can give and get inspirating designs when it...
  20. fireflyege

    MOGHunter's Flash Damage

    This plugin is amazing, but I have one issue. Normally the visuals are placed with a priority order which is: 1. Skills 2. Characters 3. Battleback And that is fine, when you cast fire pillar to a character you expect that character to be covered with a pillar of fire for a while. But when I...

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