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  1. Best place to buy!

    I've really become obsessed with the Pop Horror sets. They remind me of PSX graphics and I really want to throw something together using them. However, after talking to some people I've come upon a dilemma. Right now the packs are on sale on Steam, so I was geared up to buy them. A friend that...
  2. VXACE Sideview?

    I've been working on editing things out so that instead of battlers, enemy sprites appear in combat instead. It's been hard, and I'm on the verge of throwing in the towel and looking for a complete script for such a thing already on here, but while I'm doing that I was hoping there was a way to...
  3. Graphics tablet or Mouse?

    I'm no where near competent enough to call myself an artist, yet I do love drawing and working with Pixel Art. The two, however, have always been separate things for me. Spriting/pixel art I've always done with point and click mouse work, while drawing Manga characters I typically stick with my...
  4. Planning: Digital or Analog?

    So I just wanted a community weigh in here. Which do you prefer when story-boarding/level-designing/etc? I prefer doing everything on either graphing paper or just plain white copy paper with a pen or pencil. For me it's just easier to think and let things flow naturally when I'm writing or...
  5. Greetings All!

    Yo! Hello there, I'm John. So a long time ago I decided to make an RPGMaker game just for the heck of it. I downloaded the Free Trial and over the course of it I put in a fair amount of hours on a little project that somehow turned into a viably playable game. It wasn't perfect, I only used...
  6. Story Boarding Nearing End!!!

    Yo! Hey guys so this post is part rant and part update. Sometimes it just kinda feels good to put the info out there and hear what people have to say about it you know? That's how I felt anyway so I decided to go ahead and start this new thread to get a little off my chest as well as give you...

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