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  1. CreativeVulpine

    Script to compare coordinates between 2 events in MV

    ◆Script:if ($gameVariables.value(5) && $gameVariables.value(6) === $gameVariables.value(8) && $gameVariables.value(9)) { $gameSwitches.setValue(3,true); } I am trying to get the XY coordinates of one event to compare to another, and if they are true have my 3rd switch...
  2. CreativeVulpine

    Battle Test not running

    RPG Maker MV 1.61 When I run a Battle test it displays this error Edit: it also displays in ingame battle.
  3. CreativeVulpine

    YanFly Region Restriction - Restrict multiple regions

    How do I restrict multiple regions to events. I want the event to not pass through regions 1 and 2, while only allowing the player to pass through region 2. I tried just added the region as shown, however it then cancels the restriction on region 1.
  4. CreativeVulpine

    Having trouble with YanFly's Quest Journal Plugin

    For some reason these tags appear in the game test, I am unable to figure out how to remove them. Please help. Thank you! Edit: Ok so here is the plugin site YanFlyQuestJournal This is the text from the Quest itself: {"Title":"Scattered Memories","Type":"Main...
  5. CreativeVulpine

    Hi! I am new to rpg maker mv

    I've been toying around with the system and plugins for a month now, and I am loving it! I am just learning my way around the engine, and would appreciate any help. I look forward to to sharing and interacting with everyone!:yhappy:

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