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  1. Derahex

    {Early Demo} Destiny is Pastries!

    Thank you for taking some of your precious time to view this here post !   Without further ado, I present :     Destiny is Pastries ! v.0     (As you may imagine, there is a certain food group involved here.)     In this "One of a kind Game", as in, there are probably a million...
  2. Derahex too annoying ?

    I wish to ask if it is allowed to use for the download of my game or if that's to annoying. Expecting a response from an admin...  Later.
  3. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    HELLO WORLD. I'M GOING TO GREET YOU LIKE BY SAYING I NEED HELP AND RELEASING CAPS LOCK. On a more serious note, I'm going to do like so many before me and create an account for the sole purpose of begging for help on a notion answered countless other times! Yay! Now let's get this over with...

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I'm starting to wonder if I should go the Half Minute Hero route with my game. The character's main weapon is logistically way too strong. So I can't really let the player continuously grow it.... But if they had to build it up each time like HMH, that could work. Also it lets me take advantage of my randomly generated maps so much more. Hmm... This could work! :LZSexcite:
std::vector, std::map and std::string. Three reasons why I'd take C++ over C. :D
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