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  1. GeoffreyD

    Better Skeletons & More!

    Added animated specimen tanks!  :D
  2. GeoffreyD

    Better Skeletons & More!

    Technically, that's what I did. ;-)
  3. GeoffreyD

    Better Skeletons & More!

    Made some small improvements and added horny skeletons! The old skeletons might still be useful to someone so, contrary to my initial inclination, I refrained from removing them.
  4. GeoffreyD

    Better Skeletons & More!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:   I've lurked around the forums for about 18 months but never bothered to get involved. With the advent of MV, which I just picked up on Steam the other night, I thought I might try to become more involved and even contribute a little. Hence, this topic.   Without further...

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