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  1. Aramis-IX

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    A few WIP Sprite Walk Animations. Also developing other directions and run animations. Concrit welcome!
  2. Aramis-IX

    Iavra Animate Everything (+ Easing Library)

    This is a remarkable script; thank you so much for sharing it! I can see all the possibilities, I just wish I was knowledgeable enough to take full advantage of it! I have a question about how to perform a tween on an object whose internal property is an array. To be specific, I'm attempting to...
  3. Aramis-IX

    Aramis Sprite Zoom

    Let me know if you encounter any problems. 
  4. Aramis-IX

    Aramis Sprite Zoom

    ZcheK, you can reference the current event's ID using a bit of code (its pretty simple though). Use this._eventId or this.eventId() in place of the eventId number in the script call. For Example: SpriteZoom.zoom(this._eventId, zoom, duration, zoom_y, duration_y);
  5. Aramis-IX

    Aramis Sprite Zoom

    Sprite Zoom Version 1.0.0 by Aramis-IX   Introduction Zoom events, the player and follower sprites! An adaption of Tsukihime's “Character Sprite Zooming” script for Ace. Features Zoom or shrink a sprite's width and height independently (or uniformly). Zoom animation(s) over time (or...
  6. Aramis-IX

    Orange HUD

    Thanks for this script Hudell, I'm always impressed by the work that you do! I seem to be encountering a bug when enabling the picture element(s) on my Hud... when the Hud contains a fixed or variable picture and the hud does not have an element that is updating (such as a clock) the image will...
  7. Aramis-IX

    [Abandoned Plugin] Super Orange Movement

    Just downloaded Yanfly's most recent Core Engine (1.06) and the most recent version of your movement script (1.4.2) and the problem with the sprite frame cycle went away! Not sure which update did the trick, but I'm happy either way! Thanks Hudell for your continued work and for sharing it with...
  8. Aramis-IX

    MBS - Map Zoom

    Hey Masked! Thank you for sharing your cool plugin with us! After messing around a bit, I seem to have found an interesting glitch that I'd like to walk you through (I included pictures to better document / explain the situation on my end). First off, I created a new project with just your...
  9. Aramis-IX

    [Abandoned Plugin] Super Orange Movement

    Same problem here... that makes a pattern. The problem goes away (on my end) when I disable Yanfly's Core Script. Any thoughts? 
  10. Aramis-IX

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    First of all, I love your work! I admire your patience and attention to detail, and I'm so glad your willing to share the fruits of your labor with us! THANK YOU!! Secondly, there IS a browser based SpriteSheet tool by Leshy: here. It more or less does the trick with the right settings and a...
  11. Aramis-IX

    Arevulopapo's Particle Engine for RPG Maker VX Ace

    I third this motion! However, finding out might be pretty darn tricky. PK8 is taking a hiatus at the moment and Arevulopapo developed this back in 2007 and left no mention of terms... Unless we hear back from both PK8 (Hiatus) and Arevulopapo (missing in action / retired) we have no way of...
  12. Aramis-IX

    Ease Script - Animation framework

    Hey Galen. Are you still working on the addon script to animate Ace's default windows? That third example video looks really cool!
  13. Aramis-IX

    [Solved] NPC to imitate player movement

    Nevermind... I figured it out!
  14. Aramis-IX

    [Solved] NPC to imitate player movement

    Hey FenixFyreX. Is it possible to make this script 8-direction compatible? I've been messing around with it and can't get it to work as of yet... I'm using Hime's Eight-Directional Movement script.
  15. Aramis-IX

    Ease Script - Animation framework

    Hi there Galen! I'm a big fan of this script and would love to implement it in my project(s) but I'm having a bit of trouble. I was unable to use the moveroute ease_moveto_char() command for current object or for event id. I get this NoMethodError: "undefined method 'x' for nil:NilClass" I've...

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