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  1. Castagna

    Solved - Pokémon like - battle (with suggestion)

    I would like to have a battle system like pokémon, where the first actor goes in battle and, when he dies, the next alive one goes in battle, while the first one is moved from the first position of the party to the last one. Can someone help me?  (I don't know much about MV libraries... this...
  2. Castagna

    Single Actor Battle System

    Is there a script that allows you to fight with a single actor even if the party is bigger? If the team is composed by 4 actors, the first will fight and the others will be remove from the party; when he dies, the second one will be added to fight and the first will be removed (to hide his name...
  3. Castagna

    Static Actor Battlers

    I'd like to have a plugin that shows pictures of your actor battler when not using sideview plugin, maybe something depending on a class notetag or on a class name. For example let's think about pokemon (just to make you understand my idea): Let's say i have two classes: Pichu & Pikachu. If i...
  4. Castagna

    Walk "under" walls

    Hello :)   In this rpg maker version, I can't set walls as star fields (or maybe I don't know how to do it?), so i can't walk under them, or use their tile as event to move under it. I'm using an event that make the character able to walk through walls and sets its opacity to 20 when he has to...

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