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  1. kurt91

    RM2003 Games Don't Open (Player, not Editor)

    First of all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, but this has been driving me nuts for the last few days. I wanted to play a handful of old RPG Maker games, so I went online and downloaded a few. One of the ones that I got was a game called "Balmung Cycle", which I've heard is...
  2. kurt91

    Enemy Attack - Scramble Player Move-List

    Are any of you guys familiar with an RPG Maker game called "Learn Japanese to Survive - Hiragana Battle"? Like the name suggests, it's a way to help learn Japanese using a game engine to make it a bit easier to stay motivated. I'm taking Japanese classes in college, and it's actually been a big...
  3. kurt91

    I need to save the world! Where was I?

    I remember always seeing pubs and stuff in the towns in classic RPGs, but they were never used for anything except an extra room full of NPCs. What about using them for a natural reminder? Instead of a constant Party Chat function, why not something where you go into a town and buy a round of...
  4. kurt91

    On The Subject of Secret Bosses

    I just finished playing "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2", and it did something interesting with the ultimate boss. The battle system is a typical turn-based affair, but on your turns, you can choose between "Rush" attacks that fill your EXE Drive meter faster (a shared Limit Break meter...
  5. kurt91

    Finding items in barrels, urns, crates etc.

    I agree with everybody else in that you need to have special text instead of a generic "You Found Nothing". You don't even have to go all-out with it, either. You check a bookshelf in a library, you get something like "It's full of children's books with bright pictures. Too bad you outgrew these...
  6. kurt91

    Eh why not: Post interesting states you made here

    Off topic, but what game is this?
  7. kurt91

    How many skills is too many skills?

    Depends. Are you planning on incorporating scripting and various plug-ins into your game, or do you intend on stock RPG Maker features? I agree with the others in that you should avoid having "The Same but Better" spells, that do nothing that an earlier spell didn't do but with more damage...
  8. kurt91

    How Often Do You Switch Gear?

    What I had planned on doing would be to have the starting area where the first chapter takes place have a small variety of enemies, flying bird-looking and bat enemies, some animal enemies like stray dogs, etc. You'd have a small number of people, each of which specializes in a specific weapon...
  9. kurt91

    How Often Do You Switch Gear?

    I'm wanting to go a bit more in-depth with the strategy in my game. Weapons would be split into multiple attributes, For instance, Slashing and Piercing weapons like swords and spears will do minimal damage to a Skeleton, but blunt-force damage like a club will do more. Flying enemies would be...
  10. kurt91

    Thoughts on RPGs with lots and lots of characters?

    I can think of two instances that would justify having a whole lot of characters. First off, if your battle system is complex enough that you can have more characters without overlapping skills and specialties. For instance, most RPGs have a front/back row system. If you were determined...
  11. kurt91

    Replacment to leveling system

    I'm not sure if rare herbs in mass numbers as you explained to boost stats works quite as well. Have you ever played "Paper Mario: Sticker Star"? That game made you search out Stickers that you used to activate your attacks. Each sticker could only be used once. In theory, it was supposed to...
  12. kurt91

    Replacment to leveling system

    I've only played (and am still in the progress of playing for my first time) a translated International Edition of FF12. That one must do things differently since everything respawns once you leave the area and come back immediately. Still, from what you say, it sounds similar. Just that the two...
  13. kurt91

    Equipment Based Leveling

    So, a Final Fantasy VII Materia system where you have to craft the Materia using enemy drops? Sounds interesting, I liked the way FFVII did it pretty well, and that one had you gathering Materia just from shops. If I may interject with one more piece of advice, I've been playing "Mario and...
  14. kurt91

    Replacment to leveling system

    Well, the first issue that I see with that is that if you have an area where the herbs are relatively abundant, you'll have players who will stay in the area even after they should have left in order to get them to re-spawn. Most likely, they'll have your game running in the background, do...
  15. kurt91

    Equipment Based Leveling

    What I would recommend would be to find a game that is designed to encourage low-level runs, play it that way, and take notes on how the balance is affected and what you can to make it the natural way of playing. For example, you can play "Super Mario RPG" where you finish the game at Level 3...
  16. kurt91

    Replacment to leveling system

    It sounds something like what Final Fantasy II tried to do. You increased your stats not by leveling up, but by using each skill. This meant that getting hit would eventually boost HP and Defense, while using a weapon would boost your Attack as well as your proficiency with said weapon. It's...
  17. kurt91

    "Hurry, Follow Me!" Following Events

    Okay, that did it. Thanks! I knew it had to be something simple that I had overlooked.
  18. kurt91

    "Hurry, Follow Me!" Following Events

    I want a very simple and short cutscene. You're sent on a fetch quest to get a prop sword for a theater actor, who promises to meet you there. When you grab the sword and get there, a different character is there. She explains that the actor who sent you had an accident on-stage and is injured...
  19. kurt91

    Yanfly's Battle Core - Damage Formula Syntax

    Okay, I think I get it. So, hypothetically speaking since I've already got my stuff working now, is there a way that I could add a "b.arm" or "a.wpn" to my project so they work like you'd expect as though they were always part of the system? Sorry if I seem a bit stupid at this. I haven't...
  20. kurt91

    Yanfly's Battle Core - Damage Formula Syntax

    I noticed some other people using "var" like that, so I tried it as well, with no change whatsoever. However, I did notice something that you did that worked! You removed the period from all of my variable names, changing things like "b.arm" into "bArm". I tried that, and it worked perfectly...

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