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  1. ItzTerry

    Invisible blocks- POP! Horror?

    So I recently bought the Pop horror city bundle from steam, considering the amount of popularity it has been getting. I've made some interesting maps with it, but I've been encountering some problems. There are sometimes random and invisible walls that the player cannot pass through in outside...
  2. ItzTerry

    Blackout after game starting

    Hey, all I recently bought a DLC from steam, and made a new game using all that. I only added characters and tilesets from the DLC, nothing more. After I start the game, it literally just blacks out. I can still use the menu, but I can't see. There is no hidden fadeout command on the map either...
  3. ItzTerry

    Animated title?

    Good afternoon, I'd like to know how to have an animated title. I have MOGHUNTER's layer plugin installed, and placed the specified files that I want as the animation in the correct folder, but it only appears as a black screen with nothing at all. Is there another way or a fix to this? Thank...
  4. ItzTerry

    Moving during a 'Showpicture'?

    Hey. This is a stupid question, I know. I want to have a sunlight effect on a map, so I made it so an image of sunlight will show. However, I want the player character to move around while the picture is still showing. If I set it to parallel, the sunlight moves around with me, which is a bit...
  5. ItzTerry

    Terry's free Resources! *explosions*

    Hey, indie devvies! I'd like to make this wall of resources to be distributed to the game making community of RPG Maker. I'll be updating this thread with all types of resources, so place this on 'watch thread'. Terms of use These resources are free for all commercial/non commercial games...
  6. ItzTerry

    How do you import a custom tileset?

    Hey How do you upload a custom tileset? Unfortunately, the tileset is probably in the wrong size (768x768). I was told to put it in the E folder which worked with almost every size, but I'm pretty sure it was removed in the latest update. A solution to this?
  7. ItzTerry

    A bunch of character/tileset questions

    Hey guys, I am making a custom tileset for my own game, but I just don't know what all this jibber-jabber about the specific pages. For example, there's the 'A' page which is filled with things like walls, B which is of things like desks and C with png images. Is there a...
  8. ItzTerry

    Pokemon Tileset- MV

    Hey guys Does anyone know where I can get the correctly formatted pokemon tileset for RMMV? Thanks!
  9. ItzTerry

    Exporting Help

    Good evening guys, I use RPG Creator, the one accessible from the App Store and I was wondering how to export it  by 'email package'. Every time I click it, it does nothing. I have premium.  What is wrong here?

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