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  1. Shadows below characters

    But if I do a new character sprite for the shadow can I place it in a "layer" below the main characters and NPCs?
  2. Shadows below characters

    Right, kinda what I was thinking... I was on the right track. Thanks! ;)   However, that wouldn't be the solution if I wanted the shadow to move below the player and attack it, right?
  3. Shadows below characters

    Imagine a character is floating or flying about, how do I add a shadow below it? And what happens if I want to make an animated shadow, as if the character was possessed. How do I add an animated shadow? Thanks for reading! :)
  4. RPG Maker vs. Other Software

    I'm just dipping my toes into animation, pixel art and game design; and I was wondering which software would suit my needs best. My little project will consist in cutscenes for the most part. Naturally, I've found out about RPG Maker and I've been playing with it for a week now. Still I'm having...
  5. how to made a more than 3 frame walk animation?

    Thanks for asking, @atfield! And thanks for your reply, @Soryn... this script looks very promising.

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