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  1. tabzeethecat

    School Tileset

    Hi I'm looking for a Japanese style school classroom/school tile sets I could use for my game. Does anyone know where I could find some good resources or even someone who I could commission to make me a full group of tile sets? I also wouldn't mind trying out and making them myself if people...
  2. tabzeethecat

    RPG Maker Horror Games Thread

    I want to get some inspiration! Drop your favourite horror RPGs in the thread!! ^-^
  3. tabzeethecat

    RPG Horror Plot Ideas

    So I have really been getting into horror rpgs and I really want to make one. But. I'm stuck on ideas. Aaaah. Can someone give me some inspiration? Or ideas of getting some inspiration?  I've been really into games like Ib, Divinity Fatum, Corpse Party, Mad Father, Misao, and a few others...

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