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  1. Wilczek

    Crudelis - A unique 60 minutes long RPG

    Crudelis is a 60 minutes long steampunk RPG game. You're Henry - a young scientist obsessed with an idea of bringing people back to life. Unforunately, the experiment was interrupted and you have only 60 minutes to solve the mystery of your death.     Henry Shackelton is the main...
  2. Wilczek

    Combine messaging scripts

    I have a very hard time combining two messaging scripts: Language File System ( and Window Timer ( Both of them use similar...
  3. Wilczek

    Draw a circle below the character

    This may be silly, but I'm seriously lost in here. I went 100% parallax with my game, and sometimes the character is covered by buildings' overlays. That's not very user friendly, because player 'looses' control over his character. What I'm trying to do is prevent this from happening by drawing...
  4. Wilczek

    Return to game command

    (I'm not sure if this should be placed in a Luna Engine or RGSS scripting board. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm playing around with Luna Engine and try to create custom menu. However, I can't figure out how to create "Return to game" button, so that players won't have to press X key. I...

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