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  1. Joy

    Well, I'm back...again

    Last post four years ago... Well, now I can actually code. And I have time Any old faces from HB, RMRK, old rpgmakerweb? Where my elders at?
  2. Joy

    The Order of the Marten

    Story This story is told from the view of a lowborn guards-woman. Her name is unimportant, as she has become a traitor to the king by abandoning her lawful duty, thieving from the king's own coffers, and refusing taxes. This peasant is thus sentenced to death. Her story has now ended, but...
  3. Joy


    Mike,I need you to keep an eye on my condo for a while. I just got a call, mom is in the hospital. I need to take care of her farm and my little sister until she recovers, I'm not sure how long... Sorry about all this, Theresa Story You take on the role of Theresa, a self-made businesswoman...

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