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  1. NeoPGX

    Step event call for... events? How to do?

    OK so I want to do something similar to what was achieved in this thread: But only one difference. It needs to be for an event known "this event" so it can apply to any specific...
  2. NeoPGX

    Large player (and event) sprites appearing under star passability tile

    So I am testing more stuff with giants and I keep running into a certain issue that bugs me to no end. That being that the large player sprite keeps appearing under star tile when it shouldn't. I say this because I am using Shaz's Star Passability fix plug in. Though notably the plugin only...
  3. NeoPGX

    How to call an event every time the player takes a step?

    So was wondering, exactly how would I achieve something like what the OP wanted in this topic in MV? On top of that, it sounds like what Susan put is the answer, but I do not understand how...
  4. NeoPGX

    NW.js Profile Error

    So every time I playtest my game this error keeps coming up. Playtests work fine, just this error pops up every time I do a playtest. What caused this issue and is there any way I can resolve it?
  5. NeoPGX

    Playtest not working Error - EPERM: Operation not permitted, write

    Yeah so as the title says I have an error which is stopping playtest from working. Whenever I pull it up it just says UnknownError EPERM: Operation not permitted, write Now I believe I read somewhere that it has something to do with the folder being in read-only. I tried changing that but as...
  6. NeoPGX

    Large sprite appearing under large tiles

    I took the sprite of a fairy and used a scaling plugin to make her look gigantic but there is a problem. The top part of the fairy appears under the star tiles when she should appear over them. Despite installing a plugin intended to solve this problem. CP Large Sprite Fix Even after adding...
  7. NeoPGX

    Not a problem, just a question about compatibility issues

    I was wondering something earlier, it is possible for plugins that incompatible with each other to cause lag in-game instead of straight-up crashing it?
  8. NeoPGX

    Trouble with a size growth event

    So I'm trying to make an event where if you drink a growth potion the player's scale increases 500% and then returns to normal size after approx one minute. The event works as intended except for one part. Where the event is given the wait command, the player can not move. So how do I achieve...
  9. NeoPGX

    Weird issue with player/event touch type events

    So yeah I am making a game where you play as a giant and you can destroy entire towns just by walking over them. But there is a weird problem with some of the events. Basically I put up an event with a castle which is supposed to be activated on player touch. But when I load up the game, it...
  10. NeoPGX

    Plugin to hide/disable mouse cursor

    Hi, I know you can disable a mouse cursor using the following But I prefer to do everything in the editor, so I would like to have a plugin to manage this from with in the editor. Therefore code above does not satisfy my needs.
  11. NeoPGX

    "ReferenceError makeVideoPlayableInline is not defined"

    The console won't open so I can't debug the problem mentioned in the subject. This is an old test project which has been fully updated to the latest version: Plugins, js files, and all. Nevermind, turns out I just needed to update index.html...
  12. NeoPGX

    Game error on play test - console wont open

    Alright so after like months of not touching one of my projects I decided to open one of my oldest ones out of boredom and mess around with it a little, but when I decide to playtest it I just get an error screen saying "Undefined is not a function" and to make matters worse, the console wont...
  13. NeoPGX

    (For a commercial game) Battle scene zoom script with commands

    For those wondering what this is about, I plan to sometimes have characters that are upscaled to appear giant as they are according to the story. Now the problem with this is that as it is there's only very limited amount i can upscale the sprite before part of the body is offscreen. But with a...
  14. NeoPGX

    (for a commercial game) Hard Core mode

    I'm sure almost everyone who plays RPGs here knows what hardcore mode is but for those who don't know, It's basically a game mode where if you die it's all over. Basically a Perma-death mode. Normally if you die in an RPG you respawn but at a cost or you get a game over screen then taken back to...
  15. NeoPGX

    Would this be possible to do with a plug-in? (always online)

    I just want to know: Would it be possible to make an RPG Maker MV game require an always online connection? Before anyone makes any assumptions, I don't plan to do this. In fact I am strongly against the very idea of single player games requiring an internet connection at all times, this...
  16. NeoPGX

    Syntax Error with Web Audio Cache plugin

    While it's not crashing the game at all I went into the console and found this on several different occasions:  
  17. NeoPGX

    Actor face misaligned in main menu - how to fix? As you can see in the image above the actor face images aren't exactly aligned with their basic stats on the main menu But at the default resolution, they line up just fine. How can this be fixed? Note: my game runs at 1920x1440.
  18. NeoPGX

    Error upon launching playtest: Unexpected token #

    I'm getting this error the instant I launch the playtest and I have no idea how to fix it  
  19. NeoPGX

    MV spans across two monitors after lowering resolution

    How to replicate this problem: 1. Make sure you launch program, maximize it then close it out. 2. Lower the resolution of ALL your monitors to the same resolution. 3. Open MV back up and it will span across at least two monitors. At this point the easiest way to get the program to back to...
  20. NeoPGX

    MV will not start! (steam version)

    I already updated to 1.2 and I get the following error when I try to run the program: Failed to start game (Unknown error)

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