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  1. Chandy

    Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate 12 Hour+ Complete RPG

    I'm awestruck, this looks amazing. You certainly set the standard for rpg games. I love it.
  2. Chandy

    Post Your Music

    I don't mean to brag but I created this :3 Copyright Prince Music: Do not use without permission Teh link -   Song
  3. Chandy

    My current idea - just looking for feedback

    I'm a fan of your projects... I'm really looking forward to checking this out :3
  4. Chandy

    Another RM Old-timer here!

    Hi there Nice to meet you :D
  5. Chandy

    Rise of Erebus

    This is pretty cool. I play games like this to kind of get an Idea for my game though. I really love the torch effect. Good Job may you present many more. I'm not one to critique.
  6. Chandy

    The Mansion

    This is amazing adding to The Perfect Hall of Fame. P.S Not a game you play at night.
  7. Chandy

    Trial Activation Error

    Can someone tell me what to do I am not able to activate my trial.
  8. Chandy

    Can't activate VX Trial

    For some reason I can't activate my free trial what do I do?

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