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  1. Hawkadium

    Can't Equip Weapons

    Hey there, before we begin I tell you that I have setup my Weapons correctly.  Weapon Type is set to Sword and my Hero is enabled to equip Swords.  I have disabled all plugins.  There are no extra Traits beyond Attack Element Physical.  I have searched the forums and read the tutorial PDFs.  I...
  2. Hawkadium

    How to Control Ending a Battle Scene

    Hey there, I am trying to figure out how to send my character back to where she started after losing a battle.  It's a dream she is having, so I don't want her to die and have the game end.  I would prefer to use a timer or another event to interrupt the battle scene.  I posted a screenshot...
  3. Hawkadium

    Cartoon World - Recolour

    Hey everyone, This is a very easy to do recolouring of the default tilesets in Maker MV.  I went for a cartoon type theme. Hope you enjoy. Cartoon World Tileset
  4. Hawkadium

    Main Character has gone Invisible

    So, I was just editing my classes and actors when I went to test my game and the player is now completely invisible.  All the sprites are set correctly.  In fact they haven't been changed in a long time.  I can still move around and trigger events... I just seem to be invisible. I went to a...
  5. Hawkadium

    Go to Previous Map

    Hey there, I made a map that I want to use several times.  Getting to this map is fine, but returning the player to where he/she was before has eluded me thus far. I went over the scripts, checked YouTube and the Forums.  Can anyone shed some light on how I can back to the previous map...
  6. Hawkadium

    Mobile Friendly MV Pack

    Hey everyone, I know from experience, how daunting it can be to keep your mobile file sizes under that 50 meg limit.  So I have gone ahead and redone all the default assets that I was able to.  In doing so, I was able to clear up over 70 megabytes. Unfortunately, I was not able to touch any...
  7. Hawkadium

    More Drops from a Monster

    I noticed we are only able to add three different item drops per monster.  Is there a way to change this? Thank You,
  8. Hawkadium

    Easiest Way to Make Tiled Grass

    The absolute easiest way to create a tiled grass sprite.  (Substitute grass for dirt, snow, etc.) Programs used: (Free) Have any questions or comments, leave them here or on the video.

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