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  1. aliensalmon

    How much advertising is too much?

    I'm starting to get tempted advertising my (mostly) non-commercial game that I posted in "Early Project Feedback" more (due to the lack of interest), but at the same time I don't want to be too "pushy" about something people might not like in the first place. So, my question for you is...should...
  2. aliensalmon

    What things make an RPG Maker game stand out to you?

    I'll have to admit that for a game to stand out for me, it should have one of the following: Attractive characters Interesting premise/synopsis Nice Screenshots Nice artwork
  3. aliensalmon

    What do you think of games with a spiritual figure/deity as the antagonist?

    It seems to be a common theme in Japanese RPGs to have a spiritual figure or deity as an antagonist. I dunno, I think there is some guilty pleasure in defeating a deity in a video game (maybe its the sense you defeated a powerful figure that people have worshipped.) I'm toying with putting the...
  4. aliensalmon

    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    I admit that I made a little reference to illegal drugs in my current MV game (and in earlier games, too.) I had a character who was dealing "good stuff" (which is not named). In my upcoming sci-fi project, I'm thinking about making one of my playable alien characters be a druggie (a la "Paul")...
  5. aliensalmon

    What kinds of governments do you include in your games?

    I've kinda asked this question before, but in a different way more than a year ago. Since it was a popular question to answer, I've decided to bring it back (somewhat) and see if opinions have changed any. In my current MV project, the game starts out in a democratic Republic where some of...
  6. aliensalmon

    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    Project Elemental MV             Synopsis   This is an older project of mine, Project Elemental, remade in RPG Maker MV instead of the older VX Ace. Like the previous project, the game...
  7. aliensalmon

    Kinda stupid question, but...

    What occupation is this character supposed to be? (Bottom, 2nd from left) I'm personally using this character as a president for one of my game's countries. I'm just wondering if he looks too out of place in that role.
  8. aliensalmon

    Need Dragon Sideview Actor Battler

    For reference, I'll provide the sprite that I want the SV battler to be based off.... (courtesy of I am able to provide credit and perhaps compensation if needed.
  9. aliensalmon

    Do you think most RPG Maker games have a "standard" fantasy setting?

    By "standard" I mean settings inspired by traditional European culture (sort of like "Lord of the Rings", with stuff like kingdoms, knights, dragons, princes and princesses, castles, and all that related stuff.) I haven't played other RPG Maker games besides mine, but I've been reading the...
  10. aliensalmon

    Trying to make the background of a spritesheet transparent...

    Hello all, I've been trying to make the background color of these spritesheets transparent when I'm importing them into my game, but I can't seem to do so. The window to make the color transparent/translucent doesn't pop up when I try to import these two spritesheets. These are spritesheets...
  11. aliensalmon

    Others forms of government besides monarchies in RPGs

    It seems that most of the RPG maker games (as well as RPGs in general) take place in settings that are ruled by monarchs. We usually hear about the settings being a "kingdom" or "empire". My question is, do you have games where the form of government is different (such as a dictatorship...
  12. aliensalmon

    Are there any RPG Maker games where you can play as ogres?

    I'm just wondering. I enjoyed the deconstruction story of Shrek.
  13. aliensalmon

    Project Kevin (v0.1 - Not finished)

    Synopsis   Download Links  Screenshots  Video of an earlier version
  14. aliensalmon

    Looking for a "Spaceship" sprite....

    I'm looking for a futuristic-style spaceship character sprite to replace the regular airship character sprite. I tried looking but I couldn't really find any. This is for RPG Maker VX Ace.
  15. aliensalmon

    Does anyone have a list of "functions" for the custom formula?

    By "functions", I mean things that check if a state is applied to a battler, for example. I suppose I'll clarify what I'm trying to do as an example: I'm trying to make it so that if a certain state is applied to a certain type of actor/enemy (not anyone else), that battler's AGI parameter...
  16. aliensalmon

    Something that's puzzling me about vehicles...

    It says on the FAQs that random encounters don't happen when you're in a vehicle. However, I was able to get random encounters while on a boat in my game - something that I wanted anyway. However, I'm a bit concerned because if I was able to get random encounters on the boat, then I probably...
  17. aliensalmon

    Do you think RPG Maker Games are good for my resume?

    Hello all, I'm currently in the process of finding work, and at the same time, making RPGs with RPG Maker. I will not sell my games commercially (don't want to get involved with any copyright issues, among other things), but instead I was thinking about using the games I make as part of my...
  18. aliensalmon

    Project Elemental (v0.1 - Not finished yet)

    Synopsis: Download Links: Screenshots/Artwork: Credits: PS: Is it okay if I post another game today? I have another game which I have been working on which I think is at the same development level as this one.

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