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  1. Zak

    How do I flip/mirror a picture without moving it from its current position?

    Can't figure out how it works. :/
  2. Zak

    Screen Resolution for Visual Novel

    What would be the best resolution for loading the game into the browser or as a standalone game to download? Thanks!
  3. Zak

    Crazy RPG-Maker Anime Intro Event-Techniques

    I recently found this video on youtube. It seems to be a RPG-Maker game-intro with very, very eye-catching picture rotation techniques, using a lot of common events and good timing. I tried to reproduce some of the effects just for the fun and how they have been made but unfortunately I ran out...
  4. Zak

    RGSS3>RGSS2 Conversion: Tsukihime's Battle Reactions

    Any chances someone has some sparetime and could converse it to RGSS2? Thanks!

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