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  1. TherainED

    Results of boredom - Modern fantasy busts/portraits.

    Long story short, I got bored and I began doing stuffs. These are not high quality but I hope they are good enough. By the way, JIC, I didn't create the components, I put them together. Here they are. Dark elf Human male. UP1: Cuz someone reminded me. Human female I can't guarantee...
  2. TherainED

    RPGMaker VX Ace - Trials of Transcendence

    First of all, I want to make clear that this project will be very intense in some fields. A lot of content has been planned already, but there are some mechanics and minor segments that still need discussion. Those matters must be solved before the actual project development begins. Some of this...
  3. TherainED

    3 questions orphan of answers.

    Long ago, I had some doubts. Those were answered and the issues solved. Then I had other doubts. Those weren't answered and a couple of them were solved. Now I have these doubts. I bet 16 of my profile views this will have a 1/2 Answer/Solution rate, leaving one both unanswered and unsolved...
  4. TherainED

    Assigning state to specific class and character reserve.

    OK, I managed to solve the other two problems I had. Completely and absolutely. Now I come with two new doubts. The first one I just can't figure out. And the basic idea would be...simple. Let's say there is a field item: Wooden planks, namely. In the party, there's a character strong enough...
  5. TherainED

    Doubts about random variables, specified variables and diverse variables.

    As I said, I entered the forum to ask some questions. Those questions are here, but it just so happens that in the last two days, I've started to have more doubts. So, here goes. 1- I've been looking for a method to give a character class a random (fitting)face+chara and name, but I really...
  6. TherainED

    I'll say hi, but just out of mere politeness.

    Mainly because I don't know for how long will I be around. I hope that it will be a long time, but...well, let's say I hope too many things. Now...I decided to register to see if someone could help me solve a few doubts, but as I said just up there, I hope that it won't be just for solving a...

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