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  1. Silva Barter System

    Silva Barter System - Version 1.0 Silva Introduction This plugin adds a new barter stat to your actors, classes, equipment and party that can be used to change the prices of items at shops. Features - Adds new barter stat to actors, classes and equipment. - Adds barter rate modifier to actors...
  2. Silva Affinity System

    Silva Affinity System - Version 1.11 Silva Introduction This plugin add elemental affinity parameters to battlers and the option to have their element rates be calculated based on their affinities. Features - Adds affinity parameters to battlers that can be used in the damage formula (and...
  3. Using Custom State Notetags

    I'm working on a map at the moment where I'd like to have a leader event that when battled has a passive state that increases various parameters based on the number of other enemy events that are active on the map. ie. 5 enemies on map 40% stat boost 4 enemies on map 30% stat boost and so...
  4. Variable Actor Element Rate

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out a way to link my actors element rates to a variable. The idea is to implement a decisions system that has a direct link to an actors elemental resistances (ie. make evil decisions, become more evil, become more resistant to dark but less resistant to light)...

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