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  1. PedroVGM

    Do you like this Indie Game oriented song I made?

    This is a very important song that I made and I would like you o tell me in a critic way if you like it. Unless you really like it, then just let me know. But woud like you to have a critic feedback as well. Thanks!  
  2. PedroVGM

    Has anyone played this title? (Terranigma for SNES)

    Wow this title is so underrated that is hardly understandable, in fact I think this game could have been quite a good competitor for big games like tales of symphonia or kingdom hearts, this of course, if it had had way a better marketing and sequels or at least a remake. What do you guys think...
  3. PedroVGM

    How can I sell my game?

    Hey there community. I was wondering, what can I do if I just finished a game (but reality is that it has yet to be finished)? Let's say that I already did my stuff and have the game already, what should I do if I want to sell it on a website such as kickstarter, google play or similar websites...
  4. PedroVGM

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    I was wondering if you have any game that you may like a lot but like the top 1 among the others you possibly have. Since I am asking a really hard question I will be the first to do so and in spite I am an RPG lover, my actual favorite one is Super Smash Bros. I would choose the wii version...
  5. PedroVGM

    I am new (VGM composer) here!

    Hello everyone just wanted to say hi and hope we can talk about RPG stuff and their music if you wish. My name is Pedro and I am pleased to meet you. Thanks for accepting me have a nice gaming :D  

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