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  1. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    Hi guys. Apologies for the lack of content this week but I'd like to give you an update. As of tomorrow I am back at work. This is going to be an incredibly stressful time, because I work in retail, so there are so many things going through my mind, such as what happens if we fail to take any...
  2. Ellie Jane

    Throttling or lag?

    Just a note but if the laptop feels hot it means the heat removal process is doing its job as that heat isn't inside the laptop. Which might explain why it throttles before it feels hot.
  3. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    Evening guys, it's that time again! I have two quick videos to show you this time around, and we're moving into exciting territory with these. I really do appreciate any and all feedback (it's been a long while since this thread had any replies!) Two things to show you, then. The Class/Build...
  4. Ellie Jane

    Fake Wall Collision just as Chrono Trigger

    I'd second QMovement, out the box it does things like walking up stairs by using this method. All I had to do to make a staircase was make a collider that was diagonal, and the player just walks up it when you press right.
  5. Ellie Jane

    Legality of RTP music remakes?

    Be aware that some DLC in the store have a "no edits" clause. You're OK with the RTP, but for any downloaded content, check for this logo: If it doesn't have this you would not be OK to do what you want to do.
  6. Ellie Jane

    You do, but I have found there is a time limit (probably over six months mind), so make sure you...

    You do, but I have found there is a time limit (probably over six months mind), so make sure you download them.
  7. Ellie Jane

    I have heard rumours of another one coming soon, too *spoilers*

    I have heard rumours of another one coming soon, too *spoilers*
  8. Ellie Jane

    72 hours but not just as a bump, has to be content.

    72 hours but not just as a bump, has to be content.
  9. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    Evening guys. I now have a date for "going back to work" - potentially June 15th - but it depends what happens with the Corona Virus R value in that time. The government have said if it rises before then we won't reopen. It does mean I have at least two and a bit weeks of solid gamemaking ahead...
  10. Ellie Jane

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    I remade my inventory scene, and added categories. Feedback from the old system was that it is just a huge sheet of icons making it very difficult to navigate. I also deployed larger icons for the selected item box. Note: the gif has decreased the quality somewhat. This is how it did look:
  11. Ellie Jane

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @gRaViJa I honest think this is the first and only 3D RPG Maker game I've liked the look of. It looks fantastic.
  12. Ellie Jane

    Should I put money into this non-commercial first time project?

    Invest in things that can be used in future projects too, rather than anything specific for this one. Build up a backbone that you can then use in your next games.
  13. Ellie Jane

    Windows NT 4.0!

    My third ever pc was NT 4.0 (first was 3.1). Afraid I don't remember all that much about it, other than it was the first I recall to have the garish aquamarine coloured desktop.
  14. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    Evening guys, This weekend's work has mostly been behind-the-scenes stuff to improve performance. This includes use of preloaders, and massively rejigging graphics to be smaller in size and dimensions. I made a program (in VXa, incidently) that I can use to pull parts from different...
  15. Ellie Jane

    32 bits or 16 bits ... why?

    It's all tied together - 8-bit consoles use smaller sprites because they only have 8-bits to store any data, not just colours. But yeah normally in pixel art it would refer to the colour pallet.
  16. Ellie Jane

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Remade my character creation scene, and the sprites used for it. Players can choose from 19 hair styles in 8 colours and 6 skin tones. I think that'll be enough to begin with. Hair styles use HSV so not loading different graphics every colour.
  17. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    I am totally using that as a tagline. It does? Which gifs in particular or just all of them? Did it get better when I switched to 2.5D? Perhaps it's the way I'm moving the player around as I keep stopping to take in certain effects and things. The movement doesn't even lag with 50 spiders...
  18. Ellie Jane

    Can someone steal your game?

    They can. I won't explain how but they can. But anyway. Even with encrypted desktop games, unless it's an MMORPG where some runs server-side, in order to play the game the player needs to decrypt it, using the executable. If that's possible, it's hackable. And even beyond that if somebody...
  19. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    Hi guys! Where did we get to... Having a lot of fun with the battle system now, mainly in testing different spells and seeing what works, etc. Terms Forcing myself to call spells "Abilities" and states "Conditions", to avoid confusion between Spells, Skills and States. Enemy HP Bars...
  20. Ellie Jane

    Can someone steal your game?

    It's easy to do you unfortunately, I won't post how for obvious reasons, but at the very least set up proper indexing. Even that won't stop it though. The way I see it is if someone wants your graphics they will find a way to take them anyway. People rip resources from the securest of games...

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