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  1. Ralph

    RPG Creator dedicated forum?

    It was over here since release  :rwink:
  2. Ralph

    But, but..  :rsad:

    But, but..  :rsad:
  3. Ralph

    Scythuz is correct. That is @Archeia's property. If the artist says don't use it, don'y use it...

    Scythuz is correct. That is @Archeia's property. If the artist says don't use it, don'y use it. It was the division heaven blog banner for a while and it was even used here  Respect the artist wishes and stop justifying that just because google said its fee to use means they have power over...
  4. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    That is one parallax and shouldn't be causing issues  if you remember the limits I said earlier.
  5. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    Parallax mapping certainly isn't part of RPGMaker too so...
  6. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    Kadokawa doesnt expect users to use RM like that. There is a reason you only have 1 parallax
  7. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    I tested it out earlier and it works for me
  8. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    If what you are saying is true with less than 2048 then show that demo not 50 mb parallax each. That tells us nothing!
  9. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    You are not supposed to load 5k images! The recommended limit for mobile game dev is 2048 and even that is not ideal. In 3d programs that is the same and 4096 is as asking for performance issues. No wonder you are getting issues!
  10. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    Are you telling me that you have like for example two parallaxed map of yours amounting close to 90mb? Because if so something is terribly wrong. I do not see how 90 mb will fail to deliver the issue to the devs if there really is a memory leak. (How about loading the same image multiple times...
  11. Ralph

    RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    If you didn't update your game and used rpg maker mv 1.3.0 deployment it will not work.
  12. Ralph

    Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Need to display a picture on screen? Have a hard time figuring out coordinates? Use this to find it easier.
  13. Ralph

    Werewolf Game (Day 3)

    ((You guys weren't supposed to know the roles. Thats meta gaming.))
  14. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    "Without an autopsy, we can't tell the time of death at all. To think we just got over a plague thanks to Ralph, now this?"
  15. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    "There is no reason to suspect me. We are currently at war against the Evil Overlord and it wouldn't be surprising that he used this chance to kill my comrades."  Therese rubs her temple. "I do remember that night that there was a distraction on the northern gate. Maybe it's so they can do this..."
  16. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    "Calm down everyone. I'll inspect the bodies." Marsha approaches the bodies, offers a silent prayer and then started to investigate. Her face contorted to anger but quickly wears her normal expression.  "Harold seems to have been shot with something magical...something similar to a Wind...
  17. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    "I see..." Therese bites her lips and steels herself. "Marsha's magic charms are missing. It must be related to this." "Alright everyone, here are the details. Marsha... Marsha was half-eaten. I don't recommend going inside her home right now. It's too grotesque. There are some peculiar...
  18. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    "Two? What is going on? Don't tell me..."
  19. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    The village bell rings! From the distance, a familiar figure is running towards the villagers.     "Everyone calm down. Has anyone seen Harold and Lucius? Marsha is dead, We need the doctor's help to figure out what happened to her."
  20. Ralph

    The Werewolf Game (Day 1)

    The villagers decided to check the dead body. After a thorough inspection, Harold suffered a backstab straight to his heart. It's to be noted that his weapon is also missing.   Lucius on the other hand have several clawmarks haphazardly covered by the sleeves of his cloak...

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