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  1. servantb7

    Tree Faceset

    Hi! I've been looking for a talking tree faceset (something ent-like). I found one by Thalzon, but I would prefer something in a more RTP style that would match the rest of my game. Ideally I'd love it to match up with the trees in PanduMaru's nature/tree tileset, but it doesn't need to be a...
  2. servantb7

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Animated Doodads

    Wow, this is great stuff! I especially like the broken windows and the battlebacks
  3. servantb7

    Happy Eid al Iftar!

    Happy Eid al Iftar!
  4. servantb7

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    These are great! I especially like the crops.
  5. servantb7

    [RPG Maker VX Ace] Magic damage based basic attack

    The Yanfly "Weapon Unleash" plugin lets you do this easily, and a lot of other cool stuff too. I use it in my game to attach various common events to each character's basic attack, but it can be used for all kinds of cool things. Good luck! (And...
  6. servantb7

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Hi! So in my project I'm working on a big theme is classism, and a sharp divide between the upper and lower classes in the main city. I'm brainstorming now on ideas for what to call the classes. For the upper class I'll probably just stick with the classic 'nobles', but for the lower class I...
  7. servantb7

    How to Change your IconSet in MV

    I used it and appreciated it! Thanks!
  8. servantb7

    Materials by Haydeos!

    These are great. I especially like the direwolves!
  9. servantb7

    I'm new so can i ask for some help For my horror game

    For "Idea #2" these plug-ins might be useful. Have you used plug-ins at all yet? They are a great way to add more flexibility to your game design, and many of them are free or very...
  10. servantb7

    Fire BGS

    Thank you! I've been using the demo version of MV, so once I buy the full program I'll download these resources. Thanks!
  11. servantb7

    Fire BGS

    Good morning! I'm looking for a 'fire' bgs for MV similar to the one in the Ace RTP. I've heard it was included in the pre-order bonus, but I haven't been able to find it (or anything similar) now. I saw that the 'Essentials Set' DLC includes some of these pre-order materials, but it did not...
  12. servantb7

    ATB and Timed Hits

    It's actually not too hard to give players a choice between CATB and ATB systems. You just need a script call to activate/deactivate each battle style. I believe there are directions for how to do that in most battle system scripts
  13. servantb7

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    Most of it looks good. It looks like something is off with the clouds, though. Could you bring them to the front so they are on top of the icons and not behind?
  14. servantb7

    Those graphic effects look good

    Those graphic effects look good
  15. servantb7

    Thoughts on textbox placement consistency

    Whether or not you have it at the top of the screen, I like the dim background idea. It's smart to have something that distinguishes thoughts from dialogue.
  16. servantb7

    The Bipolar Mage

    Very creative. Do you think making it that specific might be too difficult for the player to use though? Like, perhaps instead of having Fire and Ice as opposites, you could have Black Magic (attack) and White Magic (healing) as opposites, with a few choices within each category? Just a thought...
  17. servantb7

    Just a few questions...

    For a good script that adds a Quest Journal to your menu, try Modern Algebra's Quest Journal Script at,45127.0.html. If you are still new to programming/scripts you might wanna work on some simpler things first, but once you get the hang of it editing this script...
  18. servantb7

    Final Fantasy Series

    I'd agree for the most part. The first act is definitely the most interesting for most of the characters (though the second act does give us the interesting Cid/Balthier content)
  19. servantb7

    Haha, I'm 29 years old and still waiting to have a car with power windows/locks

    Haha, I'm 29 years old and still waiting to have a car with power windows/locks
  20. servantb7

    Final Fantasy Series

    I agree that XII doesn't develop its characters' personalities as well as say, VI or IX, but its characters don't take away from enjoying the game either. Some of the more recent games have had characters that are so annoying they make me dislike otherwise enjoyable games (Tidus, Fang, Vanille...

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