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  1. Kike

    Yanfly's Quest Journal - how to get quest id?

    I think I found that out. I was looking at the settings of this plugin to see the codes that were used... basically, it's the examples he/she used. ex: $gameSystem.getQuestDescriptionIndex(questId); the Quest ID code is this "questId" ex: $gameSystem.isQuestObjectiveCompleted(questId...
  2. Kike

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    New Update, to version 0.5.5! you can download for free at the main post! =) ✨ Game optimization (it's much more fluid than before); ✨ Defensive Stance reworked; ✨ More lively scenario, with less contrast; ✨ More lively maps, with more NPCs and more interactions; ✨ Portuguese translation; ✨...
  3. Kike

    RMMV Kamigami: The battle of gods

    Ahhh... I love Yaya-Chan arts! I want to play :3 it seems to be interesting xD Will you put it on Steam?
  4. Kike

    Yanfly's Quest Journal - how to get quest id?

    Did you do it? if so, how did you do it? I'd like to check if such a quest is available to make a condition =P
  5. Kike

    Yanfly Quest Journal and SRD Translation Engine

    You'll have to do something like this: "\\i[202]Available (0)": "\\i[202]Disponivel (0)", "\\i[202]Available (1)": "\\i[202]Disponivel (1)", "\\i[202]Available (2)": "\\i[202]Disponivel (2)", "\\i[203]Completed (0)": "\\i[203]Completa (0)", "\\i[203]Completed (1)"...
  6. Kike

    Map Inventory (visual grid inventory)

    What are the terms for the commercial use? I read that you use the ShareAlike license for it too, but here in the topic you don't mention it... so, sorry...:kaoswt2: it wasn't clear for me...
  7. Kike

    CityShrimp's Cover Tiles

    Wow! excellent plugin!!!
  8. Kike

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    \o/ Thank you ( ~ * u*)~ I hope you enjoy! (when u have time)
  9. Kike

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    K A W A I I L A N D TRAILER STORY Kawaiiland, land of the cuteness, is an island inhabited by various types of creatures, home of the tiny pixies; of the vegetal ones, yasainians; and of the very cute, kemonomiminians! Outside its prevailing population, Kawaiiland often receives visits of...
  10. Kike

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin

    :kaoluv: Wow, really!? so thank you! I'd love to use it! :D :kaosalute: I'll be cheering for you xD
  11. Kike

    Summon Core

    Yep -> <SNIP> <- It's in the youtube video description
  12. Kike

    Summon Core

    Maybe I'll try this one if it is compatible with Yanfly's Row Formation. But it's an older version, right? :p I think that he; Hime; and SumRdudjqiow1231 stopped with their last plugins only available for patreons. So won't be any early or late releases... just get it who pays for it xD...
  13. Kike

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin

    Ahhh!!! now I got it! I though the force_ids just would add extra enemies! :headshake: SORRY!!! :headshake: I mean to add enemies before battle, for example... * If there's 5 spiders and 5 bats in a map as events that moves... and the player clicks in 1 spider event, a battle would start with...
  14. Kike

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin

    All skills. Even if I disable Yanfly's Action Sequence and remove all skill notetags, the skill still doesn't works ;_; I liked the plugin proposal because I wanted to make enemies into the battle by checking for enemy events, similar to the Chrono Engine/Trigger.:D So I wanted to add enemies...
  15. Kike

    Summon Core

    :v I wanted to ask if the plugin is still in progress, but... ...Hey, man... are you okay, right? Someone knows some news about this guy?
  16. Kike

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin

    It's 1.6.2 =)
  17. Kike

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin

    It's working until the battle part... The command init_battle select the enemies and the battle begins with them. But there are two issues :c 1 - The command force_ids doesn't work 2 - [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] And about you, maybe you was doing the same thing as I was, and was trying to...
  18. Kike

    Procraftynation - Weight Limit Plugin

    Well, the plugin is not mine, I just searched in Google for the Procraftynation lost links and found his github :LZSlol: But I'm using this plugin in a way that you might like... [/SPOILER] About the refresh of the item count, I have this issue too. The player would need to leave and enter...
  19. Kike

    Procraftynation - Weight Limit Plugin :LZSgrin: You're welcome
  20. Kike

    RMMV [RPG] Galdmaril (Alpha demo available)

    o/ Hi! I tested your game (in Alpha Demo V0.1.4). It has a very interesting premise!!! :LZSgrin: I believe, mainly the part of rebuilding the city!!! ( :LZSlol:but at first view, I thought the people was getting my money and going away. Then I saw their buildings) I have some considerations to...

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