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  1. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Eternal Dreamers | Battle-Focused RPG | On Steam's Early Access

    The game looks good. The whole presentation and everything just look so fine.
  2. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMVXA Records in Blue

    They synopsis is really interesting and inviting. I like it.
  3. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    reasons why you think a game should be considered a masterpiece (one of the best)

    Personally for me, since I don't have much time in the last 10 years, I played every game looking for reason to quit. :) So if a game that couldn't keep me on my seat for more than 5 minutes then I just have to quit to... study and work. So basically any game during that period that I finished...
  4. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Do you play mobile games?

    Mobile games are similar to "free" PC MMORPGs. Some games are free to play, yet you have to spend thousands to be competitive. I currently have no games on my phones. The only game that I spend cash on was Middle Earth Shadow of War last year.
  5. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Yomi No Kuni

    Amazing graphics, love the 3D-based interior, love the Oriental, Asian, traditional, ancient Japanese settings.
  6. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    I love JRPG and its storytelling style, when I see "JRPG" I couldn't resist clicking on to read more about the game. :) I like the theme and the synopsis is really interesting. "Acre" and "Arondight" seem similar, though.
  7. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Is difficulty still a thing?

    I think it really depends of the type of games. Personally I wouldn't want to play a difficult story-driven game or try to solve a puzzle game with the random encounter keeps popping up a difficult monster.
  8. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    I need content creator's Help!

    In my experience, about 95% youtubers/streamers out there wouldn't consider story-driven/adventure games and/or JRPG and/or RPGMaker games. They prefer action games that draw their watching audience. Hack and slash, Beat 'em up ....
  9. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RM2k/3 Where the Moon Goes at Night (Demo available)

    "Where the Moon goes at night" probably 1 of the coolest game titles out of any title I can remember, and I used to play tons of games. It's poetic and unique, easy to remember and provoke curiosity.
  10. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

    I like the story outline. The "slay the dragon to save a young beautiful lady" thing never really gets old.
  11. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    I played this game some time ago when I had a bit of a free time to play some games. It was just a Demo then. I thought the game was funny and cute, especially the voice acting. :) Really like it. I also liked the simple puzzles in the game. The game was instantly drawn to me thanks to the famed...
  12. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMVXA Forgotten Memories- Secrets of the past

    The game title instantly draw me in, I like secret stuff. :) So it's really a clickable title. The presentation looks nice, everything seem ok. I like the big map, really Zelda-like, Aveyond-like mapping. Walking in a big map gives an atmospheric feel to the game environment. It takes a long...
  13. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Good Comedy Rpgmakers with Lots of objects to interact with

    The Dawn's Light series by John Wizard Games is heavily comedy game with many puzzles and objects to interact with. Pros: It's really captivating at the start with charming characters and wonderful puzzles. Cons: It gets a bit repetitive after awhile, basically a dungeon crawling game. You play...
  14. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Comedy Rpgs!

    Yeah, those Medieval Cop short games are fun and really interesting. Great characters. The Dawn's Light series are really funny as well.
  15. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Thoughts on To the Moon? Made in XP

    I played it when it coming out. It's all about story with minimal gameplay. More like a visual novel. One of the most successful RPG Maker projects of all-time.
  16. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Rising Storm (classic RPG)

    Love original universes, the game looks nice. The economic aspects are really refreshing. Hope you can finish this project.
  17. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    I was addicted to Zelda games during childhood. Can never get enough of Zelda actions. Can never forget the joy of slashing a bush and discover a new secret. The game looks crazy good so far in the presentation. Hopefully you can find time to finish it. :thumbsup-right:
  18. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    The Wooden Ocean

    A colleague of mine is a fan of this game, she said it's "dark" (literally and figuratively) and difficult. Hopefully one day I can find some time to try this game out. :thumbsup-right:
  19. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness

    I played this game and a couple of games in the Legionwood series and have been a fan. The games were enjoyable and filled with tons of fun. :)
  20. Eric_SD-RPG-Studio

    RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    I haven't got a chance to play the game (too busy) but the presentation is really interesting. It seems impossible to mix and mesh medieval fantasy and steampunk elements together, major props to you if you can pull it off. The game would be really unique.

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