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  1. fallenlorelei

    Changing Opacity for Unusable Items?

    Hi everyone! I am using the default item UI and would like to figure out how to remove the grayed out/slightly transparent look for items that aren't usable (ideally, back to 255, or maybe even 230 or something - but not as low as it is now). I went into rpg_windows and found on line 243...
  2. fallenlorelei

    Yanfly Item Synthesis Extension - Multiple Disciplines

    Original Plugin link - I see that others make Yanfly extensions all the time, so I thought I'd try my hand at requesting one. :) I need a plugin that has all of the bells and whistles of Item Synthesis, but with the addition of multiple disciplines (and categories) that are added through an...
  3. fallenlorelei

    [Moghunter Time System Bug] Using script commands to add minutes skips progressing the hour

    My game is in alpha testing mode so my players are coming across a few bugs here and there. This is one bug I've had for a while that I've "let go" but I'm hoping someone might have a solution. The plugin is attached. I'd like to be able to use the script commands to add minutes to the current...
  4. fallenlorelei

    How to get an item to add a state or set variable without selecting a particular actor?

    There's a way I can do this through multiple common events, but I am trying to decrease my amount of common events and put the event into just one due to the amount of this particular type of item. Efficiency and all that. That's why I'm posting this under Javascript/Plugin Support, as I'm...
  5. fallenlorelei

    Javascript code for checking if an armor/weapon is not currently equipped

    Hello all! I am using various Yanfly plugins with lunatic modes, and so far without Javascript knowledge, I can usually google my way around to figure out what I need, and use common sense for the rest. Unfortunately I am stuck on this and would love some help from the community who know more...
  6. fallenlorelei

    RMMV Evie's Enchanted Emporium [Crafting & Shop Management RPG] - Demo Available!

    Demo Download Available on Give us a follow! You can also find us on RMN! The demo features 30+ minutes of gameplay tutorial. You'll experience the main "tutorial" within the cottage, and then be allowed to explore the Brookwood Forest. Do note that the Forest is technically attuned for...
  7. fallenlorelei

    [Yanfly Core / Shop Menu Core] Trying to limit Max Items by variable instead of static number

    Yanfly Core: My game is crafting/resources/shop management type of game, and is currently using an ammunition-style arrangement for handling skills in battle using Yanfly Skill Cost plugin. For example, "Shoot Arrow" costs 1 Arrow. Because it's...
  8. fallenlorelei

    Mog Battle HUD: Pulling in-game Face instead of picture "img/battlehud/Face_1"?

    I am using SumRdmDde's Character Creator plugin so the Faces seem to be stored in the game itself, and I'm not sure there's a way to somehow export their face mid-game and put it into Moghunter's "battlehud" folder. Unless someone knows how to do that =P Otherwise, I think I need to figure out...
  9. fallenlorelei

    RPG Maker MV save files from folder don't launch the program

    I've had this problem a patch into launch, I believe, but I take many breaks and am only just now seeking help for it. Apologies in advance if this is a known bug, but I googled around and couldn't find a solution. I also wasn't sure whether to post here or Tech Support. Feel free to move if...
  10. fallenlorelei

    FREE [MV] Chronicles of Tiadar - In early development and recruiting team members!

    Please see its original post here for more information and screenshots: Synopsis Positions & Roles Needed Mappers - High priority - Open Recruiting RTP mappers for...
  11. fallenlorelei

    Yanfly Common Event Menu - Conditional Subtext?

    Hello! I am using Yanfly's Common Event Menu for character creation in my game. User chooses their class, and then depending on what class they chose, two specs open up, allowing them to choose a specialized version of that - either weapon-based, magic, healer, or tank. For example, the...
  12. fallenlorelei

    SumRndmDde's Character Creator - Disable Sprite Only

    It seems SumRndmDde is taking a break at the moment (I can definitely relate) so I thought I'd come ask the community if they have any solutions to this problem. I am using his Character Creator EX plugin so far in the prototype of a game that has a world map. I need to change the actor sprite...
  13. fallenlorelei

    RMMV Chronicles of Tiadar: Create your own character, open-world fantasy RPG

    Who will you be? Chronicles of Tiadar is Recruiting! Personal Background: Story Background: General Gameplay: Customization: Classes: Screenshots: Characters: This game is quite a bit under development with a few team members helping to breathe life into it! We are still a ways...
  14. fallenlorelei

    Reporting variables into an LMS via SCORM? Has anyone done this before?

    Long time since I've posted here! But I wanted to run a question by everyone. I'm an elearning developer and recently my company has been delving into gamification - which is awesome for me! So far it's been simple stuff like board games and whatever, but I'd love to be able to use RPG Maker...
  15. fallenlorelei

    Yanfly Equip Core - Removing certain parameters from Equip_Scene

    So I saw this post in my searches but the suggested answer isn't helping. I tried searching in the Equip_Core.js file for "drawParameters" and it didn't come up with anything. I must be missing something, haha, maybe I haven't had enough coffee this morning. I do see this snippet of code...
  16. fallenlorelei

    How much equipment is too much equipment?

    I am currently working on my database for armor and equipment, and came up with this inquiry. My game currently has about 4 to 5 "archs" with arch defined as, roughly: 1. New town 1.5 New party member 2. New sidequests 3. New "monster zone" 4. Boss fight Each "zone," I have...
  17. fallenlorelei

    Region Common Events, but with "Same as Character" Priority

    I have a map that uses a ton of events (all of which actually just say "Call Common Event"). I would like to get rid of these events in order to reduce lag, and perhaps replace them with region events (or something else if someone has an idea). I've attempted to use Yanfly's Region Events but in...
  18. fallenlorelei

    Making RPG Maker AutoTiles in Pyxel Edit

    A few weeks ago there was an Indie Game Dev Humble Bundle Sale where they sold a few awesome development tools for $1. I ended up buying the bundle, which included programs like Pyxel Edit and Spriter Pro. I really loved Pyxel Edit's tileset feature, and while I'm making my own game in RPG...
  19. fallenlorelei

    FallenLorelei LiveStream!

    It's been a while since I made a video, so... I decided to LiveStream tonight :) Just for a little bit while I work on this map I'm cooking up. Come join me!  Edit: Thanks to everyone who came!!! I'm so happy - I didn't think anyone would...
  20. fallenlorelei

    Add State Based on Armor and Weapon Type Equipped?

    So I just asked a question yesterday (and it was answered and I am still so happy about it!), but I am terrible at JS. I'm hoping someone could help me with this one too. Basically I am attempting to activate a Passive State when the actor has a certain armor and weapon type equipped...

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