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  1. dsiver144

    [Snipet] Ruby Hash dot syntax

    RUBY HASH DOT NOTATION While coding in Js, I just realized that it would be awesome if Ruby hash can use dot syntax like Js object. So I googled for the answer. And I found a way to do it with simple line of codes. It would be useful for some coders, I guess. You can grab it here: Pastebin
  2. dsiver144

    DSI Advanced Tone System

    DSI Advanced Tone System By dsiver144 Introduction This script will allow you to "untone" sprite of events/player which means when you change screen tint by Tint Screen command, the un-toned sprite won't be affected. I think you might found a script like this in the past but all of that have an...
  3. dsiver144

    DSI Card Matching Minigame

    DSI Card Matching Minigame By dsiver144 Introduction I think you guys have heard about card matching minigame many times before. I created one for VXA. I don't you if someone has made this but I still want to release this. Have fun! Features Easy to use & config Card flip animation...
  4. dsiver144

    RMVXA Peaceful Days

    Twitter | Deviantart Trailer You are a graduate student. You are looking for a job that suits you, but all your efforts fail. You are desperate. One day you see a TV show about a peaceful country life, you think it's the best place to start your career. Not a little hesitant, you take the...

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