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  1. An insanely simple request for anyone with a decent image editor.

    Well, I'm kinda dabbling into graphics myself, but at the moment I'm just trying to correctly align parallax graphics to fit into an actual tileset. However, I can't download Gimp or anything, so I'm limited to MSPaint, and an online program called Sumopaint, which is kinda like Photoshop but...
  2. Some unusual tileset issues

    Well, this has left me completely stumped. On certain maps, my character, nor any events on that map, can move unless I holt CTRL, or have the event's 'Through' switched on. Now, on the tileset editor in the database, all the passability options are set correctly. Tiles that should be passable...
  3. Paddy's Sprites

    Well, I've finally taken the time to have a go at getting into spriting. :D I decided to start working on a Marvel Superheroes Pack. I find the characters quite simple in design, and therefore a good place for me to start off spriting. So anyway, I made these using a sprite template that was...
  4. Title Screen Screen Saver

    Okay, I guess 'Screen Saver' wouldn't technically be the correct term for this, but in a lot of games, when you're on the Title Screen, if you leave it for a few moments, it will show you a movie. Either that, or a sort of slideshow with music while it lists the credits for that game. I'm...
  5. Journey To The Lunar Sea

    Journey To The Lunar Sea Story Synopsis There was once a time when the stars shined in the night sky. People used to adore them, and spend many nights staring up, looking at the myriad of shapes and patterns that made up the constellations they once knew. However, as time passed by, people...

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So its confirmed MZ will have tile size locked at 48x48. So thats extremely lame. Still probably going to get it for the assets but Im gonna pout the whole time.
A friend used to ask why I don't colorize most of my drawings? The answer: I'm colorblind.
Thought something big was going down when I saw a riot van and two cop cars outside my home. Nope. Just multiple calls about one man kicking off in the street. xD
RPG Maker MZ does confirm in its RPG Maker website blog about new features. Graphics of course look gorgeous, but how about what keeps the engine together?
This image made me realize... My new sky area needs flying dominoes. :LZSexcite:

Though I will probably make them more awkward in some unforeseen way. :LZSwink:

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