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  1. Rishabh Varshney

    Voice Workshop

              Voice Workshop hello I am rishabh varshney and this is a shop of voices... The voice you get from here is not for commercial games without my permission.. Rules: 1-Your are not allowed to use this in commercial game 2-You have request below 50 words 3-credit me in your game as...
  2. Rishabh Varshney


    Thus there is any way to store money in rpg maker fourms without having a credit card or a paypal account???
  3. Rishabh Varshney

    How to draw?

    Does some body help me in how to make bust or face?Which software should be use what should be needed for it?
  4. Rishabh Varshney

    using more than 2 iconsets

    Those there is any way to use more than 2 iconsets. for example i want to make a cake item but the icon is on anothe iconsets we use common event on the common event we make a script call in script call we write something like this "iconsets2,48" In the place of iconset2 we use any iconsets...
  5. Rishabh Varshney

    The Magic of Love (Trade goodies or whatever this called)

                                                                                                                                                                              Story A long time ago a battle held in the neo jeens named the battle of soul....Lots of people die but their soul is fought...
  6. Rishabh Varshney

    Artist,Scripter and mapper needed for my pokemon BlackX

    Hi peoples, I am making a game name Pokemon blackX In RPG MAKER VX ACE The Game is fully covered with mystry, And Mega evolution is also found in this game(But only in some pokemons) The pokemon is from the unova and kolas region with also those pokemon who can mega evolop. I am using the...
  7. Rishabh Varshney

    how to make 3d maps

    Hello, I want to ask this that there is any way to make 3d maps like this  Because i am making a pokemon game name Pokemon Black X So the pokemon x  is in 3d and black is also a litile in 3d. Plz Help...
  8. Rishabh Varshney

    Charsets and faces needed

    Hello I am making a game and i need some charsets and faces of the following pic (Sorry for bad english) I will also attach a sample is what i want the charsetssets [Removed]
  9. Rishabh Varshney

    Pokemon tilesets

    Hello every body, I need some tilesets of pokemon black and white plz help me...
  10. Rishabh Varshney

    Recruitment for graphics and a story.

    Hello   I need a story and graphics. Story type - The story should be horror,funny,and based on simulation. Graphics - bust, title screen, characters, etc mapper - (Plz contact to the id given below) For more info plz pm me your email id or send me message to  >><<
  11. Rishabh Varshney

    menu script for free

    Hello, i need a script of the main menu you see in the pic. thanks in advance
  12. Rishabh Varshney

    problem with rural farm resource pack

    hello people i have a problem with rural farm. My problem is"HOW TO USE THE NPC CHARACTER GENEEATOR???"
  13. Rishabh Varshney

    New Battle Style Script.

    hello I need a script in which (For example)the hero is using the hair dryer when the battery of air dryer is over it should not work. Thank you in advance.
  14. Rishabh Varshney

    title screen needed.

    Hello i need a title screen with the name The adventure of rioka. type - futurstic. font - (as you want) Details:a person as look as he making a tool on the left side of itle screen. a women as look as she is planted a plant. a boy and girl is stand in center as look as they are marry
  15. Rishabh Varshney

    problem with homework salesman.

    Hello, I play homework sales man. and i asked HOW TO DEFEAT THE FIRST BOSS IN THIS GAME?? I see in google.It say you need to find anakaba in very east in colors cave.But i did't find her. plz help me!! 
  16. Rishabh Varshney

    IG Maker game with vx ace??

    Did somebody knows how to make ig maker game in rmvxace. Because the ig maker is a very long file!!! And my internet speed is 5-15 kbps. Plz help.
  17. Rishabh Varshney


    Hello i need a script for using the big icons in my game. Thank you in advance.
  18. Rishabh Varshney

    problem with big icons.

    Hello  those any body know how to use big icons??? plz help. Thank you in advance... ...
  19. Rishabh Varshney

    menu scripts

    Hello every one after a lots of research i found nothing on the menu script that i want a menu script like the picture.does any one help Thank you in advance
  20. Rishabh Varshney

    doraemon for rmvxace???

    Hello every one, I need doraemon characters for my rmvx ace game. does anyone have these.and also i need the japanese style tilesets. Thank you in advance

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