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  1. Luiishu535

    REFMAP/MACK-inspired Wall Tiles

    Intro Yo! Here are some wall tiles I recently made that are inspired by REFMAP/MACK and RM2k3's RTP. They're simply 16-bit tiles that have been scaled up to fit a 32x32 grid. I had RPG Maker VX/Ace's grid-size in mind when I created these. Terms of Use You may only use these tiles for your...
  2. Luiishu535

    RMVXA Wrath of the Tea Kitten

    Wrath of the Tea Kitten Wrath of the Tea Kitten is a Lynchian (sort of) Adventure game about forbidden love, tea kittens and mystery men. The Cast Libby: A young and goofy woman who currently lives at Hotel Grubba on the 8th floor. She's in love with a man from her dreams who's known as...
  3. Luiishu535

    RMMV The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You

    The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You is an Adventure game where you play as the hero who failed to save the world. As a broken man, you decide to pull yourself together in an attempt to bring some good to what's left of the world. However, no matter how hard you try, things always...
  4. Luiishu535

    Cold at Heart

    Download: About: A McBacon Jam 3 game, featuring the collaborate work of four members of RMN, including aspects from various games and genres compiled together which have inspired us on our game making journeys. Cold at Heart is a sci-fi...
  5. Luiishu535

    Letter From Hell

      Full Game Downloads: After SWAP Event Edition aka "GRS' Marginally Less Buggy Edition!"  SWAP Event Edition aka "grs did you even balance this edition" Mr. Dinkles has a job for Mail Gal Candy and Mail Milf Tequila: Deliver a letter to B.J Bottomheart at...
  6. Luiishu535

    Quest for the Peace Sword [18+]

    WARNING! THIS GAME CONTAINS SCENES OF VIOLENCE, BLOOD, WAR AND DEATH! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! About the Game: Quest for the Peace Sword is a game created for the "SWAP IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU" event that took place sometime near the dawn of 2016 on RMN. The first half of the game was...
  7. Luiishu535

    Auto-Life State not working sometimes

    This is a strange bug I can't seem to figure out.    Auto-Life is a state I'm using, which revives a character after its HP reaches zero (basically after K.O). It works for about 80-90% of the times. For the rest of the times, the fallen character simply doesn't get revived.   I will provide...
  8. Luiishu535

    What order to do things in (mapping, battles, cutscenes etc.)

    This is a subject that's been floating on my mind lately. I've made decent progress on my game lately, example: made about 200 maps in one month. While that feels really good, I keep thinking to myself if it's the right thing to do. A pro is that I get to focus on one thing at the time...
  9. Luiishu535

    Castle Oblivion: Remake

    Developer: luiishu535 Main Writer: the13thsecret “I want to return.”  Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time? That memory will never release you from its agonizing grasp for the rest of your life. But even if the present gave you the...
  10. Luiishu535

    Your favorite RPG Setting

    I created a poll like this over at RMN a few months ago. As it stands, I still think it's an interesting topic to discuss. From the results of the last topic/poll, it seems like the Fantasy setting was the most popular one.    I suppose that the Fantasy setting is my favorite, since my...
  11. Luiishu535

    Castle Oblivion 3

    Liked Castle Oblivion 3? Check out the Remake of the original Castle Oblivion!   History of the Castle Oblivion Series: For any of you who doesn't know what Castle Oblivion is, well, CO is an  RPG series...
  12. Luiishu535

    Mango has arrived!

    Hey, everyone! Some of you may know as Mango, or just luiishu from Youtube! I'm mostly a musician and game developer, and I've been using RPG Maker ever since 2008 and it's mainly been VX for me. Just recently, I finished my very first RM game, which took me about 3,5 years to make! During that...

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